Activist Coalition Plans Denton March to Defend Abortions: 10/02

Activist Coalition Plans Denton March to Defend Abortions: 10/02

Issue list of Demands Directed at Local, State, and National Elected Officials

The extreme Texas SB 8 abortion ban which took effect on September 1 made abortion significantly more difficult to access for millions across the state. In addition to banning abortion after six weeks of pregnancy, this law allows anyone—including anti-abortion vigilantes—to weaponize civil courts by suing abortion providers and anyone who helps a person obtain an abortion after six weeks of pregnancy. This law creates a system wherein anti-abortion extremists can collect a $10,000 reward for every defendant taken to court. As an egregious attack on constitutional rights, this law is designed to intimidate providers and clinic staff out of providing abortion care via the threat of ruinous financial penalties, legal costs, and court orders, forcing them to shut their clinic doors. On the evening of Sept. 1, the Supreme Court ignored its own precedent established by the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision as it voted to uphold Texas SB 8 via a 5-4 majority, clearing the path for Texas to implement the most restrictive anti-abortion laws in the country. In response to this attack on abortion rights, marches are being organized in states across the country on October 2, 2021, just two days before the Supreme Court reconvenes for the October term. 

In response to this national call to action, a diverse coalition of  abortion right defenders from Denton and Cooke Counties have joined together to organize a march for Denton and Cooke County residents on October 2, 2021. Coalition members include: Kamyon Conner, Adrienne Ortega, and Anjelica Fraga of Texas Equal Access (TEA) Fund, an abortion fund inTexas that serves 110 counties in north, east, and west Texas, including the panhandle. They already serving as a lifeline for those needing assistance with abortion access; Delashawn Bordeaux, founder and Director of Speak of Our Truth, a grassroots non-profit committed to supporting North Texas victims of sexual abuse; Zan Hollister, founder and President of Denton based Black Rights Organization (BRO); TorreyLynne Henderson, founder of PRO Gainesville, a progressive rights organization fighting systemic racism and injustice in Cooke County, TX; and Jessica Luther Rummel, founder of Direct Action for a Change, a non-profit committed to mobilizing Texans into civil disobedience and resistance against attacks on civil rights, personal liberties, and bodily autonomy. 

Why We March: As a coalition, we believe that the elimination of abortion restrictions is central to reproductive justice and the human right to maintain bodily autonomy is essential to economic, social, and racial justice. We know that the people hurt most by abortion restrictions are those already facing barriers to accessing health care and who are bearing the brunt of the pandemic and economic crisis—particularly Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC), women, members of the LGBTQIA community, disabled persons, and person’s experiencing poverty and/or homelessness. These truths in mind, we believe that equal access to abortion care—everywhere—is essential for social and economic equality, reproductive autonomy, and the right to determine our own lives. As part of our march, our coalition has prepared a list of demands directed at local, state, and national elected officials – view them HERE

Denton March to Defend Abortion Rights – Event Details:

Date: Saturday, October 2, 2021 
Time: 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM
Location: Denton County Courthouse, 110 W Hickory St, Denton, TX
Facebook event linked HERE | Eventbrite event linked HERE

The march will be 1.5 – 3 miles long (optional lengths to ensure accessibility and inclusion) with several stops for rest and speeches from coalition members, special guests including Delia Parker-Mims, candidate for Denton County Democratic Party Chair, representatives from Planned Parenthood Texas, and others to be announced.  

“What is happening with SB 8 is unjust, it is shameful, and it highlights the cruelty exhibited by those in power in Texas. If you’re in Texas and need an abortion, TEA Fund may be able to help you. We are committed to helping Texans get abortions and will continue to fund abortion for folks getting safe legal abortions in Texas or traveling to leave the state to get their care. People can reach out to us via text at 844-832-386 or they can find support at”

Kamyon Conner, Texas Equal Access Fund

“Abortion isn’t just medically necessary, it’s a healthcare right and should be accessible. Issues of health are not to be regressed especially considering the long road traveled to achieve the progress we have, particularly by BIPOC activists. PRO Gainesville is not interested in the specific circumstances which some may consider as qualifying for abortion access. Abortion is healthcare and should be an available option for anyone who needs it. Their stories are not ours to write. Their choice is not ours to make.” 

TorreyLynn Henderson, PRO Gainesville

“Survivors of sexual abuse know how it feels to be manipulated and left feeling powerless to control their own bodies at the hands of someone else. For this reason, Speak Our Truth will stand against every predator, from those who engage in direct acts of sexual violence to those in our government who chose to infringe on our bodily autonomy. We will let them know that they no longer have power over us and we will not be manipulated into making choices that are only beneficial to them.”

Delashawn Bordeaux, Speak of Our Truth

“Considering the size of Texas’ population, the number of people at large who will be denied access to reproductive healthcare as a result of SB 8 is unprecedented, but BRO also recognizes that above all others, black women will be disproportionately disadvantaged by this egregious attack on bodily autonomy. For this reason, we are committed to this fight to restore abortion access in Texas.”

Zan Hollister, BRO 

“Instead of writing legislation based on warped religious conviction, Texas politicians would do better to reference the plethora of historical data which shows criminalizing and reducing abortion access always leads to an increase in loss of life. Legislating infringements on bodily autonomy that result in forced, non-consensual births is not what ‘pro-life’ policies look like. Rather, Texas legislatures should focus on our state’s broken and underfunded Child Protective Services division, which is currently under federal supervision with multiple contempt charges for its continued failures and inability to prevent our youngest most vulnerable Texas children from suffering the most egregious maltreatment and abuse under its supervision.”

Jessica Luther Rummel, Direct Action for a Change

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