Angela Paxton Lies About Working For Minorities And Uses Racist Trope

Angela Paxton Lies About Working For Minorities And Uses Racist Trope

The wife of Texas’ most famous criminal has a long history of working against minority communities, but she’s offended if you point it out.

During the Senate hearings over redistricting this week, a lawyer from the NAACP testified about how racist the new redistricting maps are. During his testimony, he said, “It’s a shame that the Republican Party doesn’t do more to reach out to minority communities.”

Senator Paxton took offense to that statement, the same way that most Republicans clutch their pearls after being called out on their racism.

Paxton smugly asked the attorney, “What’s your basis for that very black and white statement?”

“Personal experience,” he replied.

“Do you know me,” Paxton then asked?”

We live in a world where Republicans care more about getting called a racist than actually being racist.

Paxton’s defense was one of the oldest tropes in the book, “I can’t be racist, I have a Black friend.” But worse. She said, “There was an Asian candidate in Plano who supported me.”

Paxton’s proof that she worked to help minority communities was an Asian person supported her. She was so smug about it as if she were saying something right and not completely fucking racist.

She was referring to Lily Boa, the pro-Trump candidate for Plano mayor last year. Unfortunately, a bad example for Paxton to use. Bao was pictured and videoed multiple times leading up to the election in Klan Trump parades. It doesn’t matter if Bao is Asian, Black, white, or purple; she supported a white supremacist president and campaigned on white supremacist issues while running for Plano.

As we all know, people of color work against their communities and uphold racist agendas (Allen West, Candice Owens, Lily Bao, etc.) Using the fact that a person like that supports you means you’re “not racist” is offensive and stupid.

We remember Angela Paxton participating in the white supremacist insurrection with her criminal husband on January 6.

We also remember how her husband has ignored the thousands of civil rights violations that happened in Texas while he pursued criminal activity (and other women).

Paxton also voted in favor of the racist voter suppression bill, SB1. This bill disproportionately hurts people of color, the disabled, and the elderly. SB1 is a perfect example of what the NAACP attorney meant when he said that Republicans don’t do more to reach out to the minority community.

Paxton also voted in favor of the racist Critical Race theory Ban, which prohibits teachers from telling students the truth about American history.

Paxton and other GOP reps can shout from the rooftops about how “not racist” they are, but all of their actions and voting records tell the truth.

Vote them out, all of them. Including, and especially anyone with the last name Paxton.

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