Travis Clardy, Infected With Covid And Symptomatic Showed Up For Work

Travis Clardy, Infected With Covid And Symptomatic Showed Up For Work

While symptomatic, Travis Clardy went to our State Capitol with Covid so that Republicans could try to establish quorum and pass voter suppression legislation.

How racist do you have to be to jeopardize all of your coworkers and their staff’s health to make sure Black and brown people don’t vote? Travis Clardy and his wife tested positive for Covid last week and were still symptomatic when he drove to Austin to join the other House members yesterday in hopes of having enough members there to have a quorum.

After testing positive at the Capitol for Covid, which he already knew he had, Clardy was sent to a room across the hall from the House Chambers for isolation.

Clardy claimed to wear a mask while in the Capitol; however, this picture clearly shows that he removed his mask to take a Covid test.

Republicans think it’s no big deal since he was isolated.

However, he had to walk through the hallways of the Capitol to get to this isolation room. So even though masks are highly effective in preventing the spread of Covid, depending on what type of mask Clardy was using, they aren’t 100% effective.

Coronavirus can linger in the air for hours after an affected person is in the area.

Likely, some droplets escaped through Clardy’s mask as he marched through the hallways on the way to the isolation room. Anyone who wasn’t masked properly and walked along the same path probably breathed in his germs and will test positive for Covid in a few days.

Covid has claimed 4.3 million lives worldwide, yet Texas Republican Travis Clardy knowingly shed the virus in a public place. This was willful endangerment of the public.

And he did it because he was that anxious to take away voting rights for millions of Texans.

Texas Republicans are willing to kill people to “own the libs.”

They should be ashamed of themselves, but unfortunately, their brand of hate and their culture wars prevents them from it. The Trump cult is alive and well in Texas, and the only way we’re going to free ourselves from them is to vote them out.

Are you registered to vote? The 2022 elections in Texas will be the most important since Texas joined the Union. We, the people, have had enough, and it’s time to let them know.

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