Texas House Republicans Caught Saying Quiet Part On Hidden Camera

Texas House Republicans Caught Saying Quiet Part On Hidden Camera

Matt Krause, Justin Holland, and Cole Hefner caught on camera admitting their voter suppression bill is a power grab and has nothing to do with election integrity.

The only thing more corrupt than a Republican is a Texas Republican. We all know that. This is why the hidden camera video emerging yesterday from political journalist and activist Lauren Windsor doesn’t surprise anyone. The GOP knows that there was no fraud in the 2020 election, but they continue to do everything they can to cheat their way into a majority.

Matt Krause.

Matt Krause admits that he and his fellow Texas Republicans are using bogus legislation to curb voting opportunities for legitimate voters in Harris County, which is heavily Democrat. Meanwhile: The number of instances of voter fraud in Texas — 0.0006%.

Krause’s district is gerrymandered in Tarrant County and encompasses Arlington, Euless, Fort Worth, Grand Prairie, Haltom City, Haslet, Hurst, Keller, Richland Hills, and Saginaw.

In 2020, Krause won by about 7,000 votes in a district where about 29,000 eligible voters didn’t show up to the polls.

If there was a huge push from Tarrant County Democrats and Powered by People, we could flip his seat blue in 2022.

Matt Krause only won by 7,000 votes
Matt Krause’s District – HD93

Not only has Matt Krause proved on this video that he believes in fascism, but he has a history of being both anti-science and anti-vax.

It’s time for him to go.

Justin Holland.

I was disappointed to see Justin Holland on this video because he’s been one of the few Republicans in the House to treat his Democratic constituents with kindness. Now, it appears like that may have been just a front.

Holland’s district is drawn in a way that it encompasses enough rural area that we may not be able to flip it.

Justin Holland’s District – HD33

Texas Republicans are so angry that Black people voted in Harris County and will stop at nothing to strip their rights away.

Holland and the other Republicans admitted on camera that their voter suppression bills would ensure a GOP victory, and by making voter suppression the law, they don’t consider it as cheating. However, laws should affect everyone equally, and their Jim Crow voting laws don’t do that.

In Texas, Democrats now outnumber Republicans. We just have to show up and make sure everyone we know shows up. We need to move away from being a non-voting state, or else the ruling Conservative faction will continue to try and strip voting rights away from Texans.

Cole Hefner.

Cole Hefner’s District – HD5

Cole Hefner said on the video; he’s in a safe Red district. But, is he?

In 2020, 46,000 eligible voters in HD5 didn’t vote.

After whatever voter suppression bill the Texas House shoves down our throat passes, this hidden video of these Republicans will be used in lawsuits against them to get the legislation thrown out by the courts.

The only thing stopping these Republicans from corrupting democracy has been a lack of quorum, thanks to Texas Democrats.

The White House and Congress should be doing more to protect voting rights in this country.

It’s time to act.

Some say that you can’t out-organize partisan gerrymandering.

They may be right. Still, we need to fight on the ground level harder than ever before.

The For the People Act has to pass. If not, Republicans will so severely gerrymander the maps that Texas Dems will be a majority and still lack the representation in Austin and DC.

It is our prediction, however, that even when Republicans redraw the maps later this year, they will be embroiled in lawsuits that will prevent them from taking effect until after the 2022 election, which will give us a fighting chance.

The GOP wants a banana republic where most people do not have a voice or fair representation. If we all don’t show up to the polls to get these Republicans out, the future of Texas is looking very grim.

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