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The Wicked Witch Of Watauga – 22 Reasons Stephanie Klick Must Go

Stephanie Klick isn’t the worst legislator in the Texas House, but she’s pretty close. She has worked hard to hurt women, children, veterans, people of color, immigrants, people in poverty, and the environment.

Representative Stephanie Klick has spent the last eight years working to hurt women and children in Texas. Klick claims to be pro-life. However, her record has demonstrated she is nothing close to pro-life. Yesterday, SB4 passed the House. This bill bans prescription drugs that induce abortions and criminalizes doctors who prescribe them.

Yes, this is a hard-liner right-wing extremist position that doesn’t surprise most of us that Texas Republicans would vote for, but there’s so much more to that. This bill also would not make exceptions for 12-year olds who are victims of rape or incest. Some of the interactions between Klick and her peers on the House floor were stunning.

Mean Girls.

Stephanie Klick is one of those types of people whose facial expressions give their feelings away. The looks of hatred that protruded from her face when Democrats questioned her bill would remind you of a teenage girl bullying a rival.

Worse, whenever Klick would speak to the Democrats, the other Republican women would stand behind her, mimicking her same facial expressions.

It was like watching Mean Girls Part 2.

Unfortunately, Caty wasn’t in the sequel. Representative Klick was rude and condescending to her coworkers. She refused to answer or debate many of the questions or points that Democrats brought up. Instead, when Democrats offered amendments, she would say, “I encourage members to vote against this amendment,” even if it was a good amendment that would have helped Texas women.

Perhaps the Republicans are punishing Democrats for their quorum break by voting against everything they propose and demonstrating how the GOP would rather have vengeance than do what’s right.

This behavior and fighting to hurt Texans is nothing new to Representative Stephanie Klick. This has been what her entire career has been about.

Stephanie Klick and other GOP members would prefer 12-year olds impregnated by rape or incest carry to term.

We need to talk about Stephanie Klick’s career and all of the things she’s done to hurt Texans.


One – Klick has fought against allowing Texans to have access to healthcare.

Klick was first elected in 2012, at the height of the Republican fight against healthcare. She spent years advocating against and pushing legislation to block the expansion of Medicaid in Texas.

In Texas, over 20% of the population is uninsured, and more than 700 Texans die each year without access to medical care.

Stephanie Klick has always been against women’s healthcare.

Two – In 2013, Klick coauthored HB2. This bill  banned abortions past 20 weeks of gestation, mandate abortion clinics to become ambulatory surgical centers and require doctors who perform abortions to have admitting privileges at a hospital within 30 miles of the clinic at which they’re providing abortion services. This was the bill that Wendy Davis famously filibustered.

(If you remember, Republicans lied about Davis breaking the filibuster rules to pass the bill, although she didn’t break the rules three times, as the GOP claimed.)

In 2015, the Supreme Court blocked the abortion ban that Klick coauthored. Ultimately this bill Klick was so gung-ho about couldn’t stand because it was a flagrant infringement of our Constitutional rights. On top of that, it cost taxpayers millions of dollars.

Three – In 2015, she coauthored a bill that banned minors from accessing abortions without parental consent. This led to increased teen pregnancies, Medicaid births, and maternal mortality in Texas.

Four – In 2017, Klick coauthored several anti-abortion bills. These bills limited insurance coverage for abortions and increased reporting requirements.

Five – Klick coauthored a ridiculous bill in 2019, which would require doctors to provide lifesaving measures to a fetus if it was born premature…even if the fetus was only ten weeks old. The Representative chose to put special interests above her nursing training.

Representative Klick will never be able to claim she did it for the babies because she’s done so much to hurt Texas children.

Six20% of Texas children experience hunger, and 1.4 million Texas families experience food insecurity. Despite that, Klick voted against establishing a free breakfast program for Texas students. Knowing how much taxpayers have spent on all of the lawsuits which stemmed from her various unconstitutional bills, we know she didn’t vote against it for the price tag.

Seven – In 2019, Klick voted against requiring family violence convictions to be reported to the Department of Public Safety.

Bills that Stephanie Klick has authored, coauthored, or sponsored have had devastating impacts on communities of color.

Eight – Klick’s contribution to the school-to-prison pipeline.

Long before Representative Klick even took office, it was known that Black students were disproportionately targeted for tickets and arrests in Texas schools. In 2013, Klick coauthored a bill that designated gun-toting marshals in Texas schools. While Republicans have claimed to do this to protect students from mass-shooters, minority students have long spoke out against this out in fear of their safety.

Nine – Representative Klick voted to prohibit sanctuary cities in 2017. As we all know in 2021, sanctuary cities reduce crime and poverty, as well as increase the economy. The stance against sanctuary cities has long been based on racism.

Ten – This year, Klick coauthored a bill aimed at hurting Black and brown communities, penalizing them for investing in community initiatives.

Stephanie Klick has contributed to making Texans less safe.

Eleven – In 2015, Stephanie Klick coauthored the bill that allowed open carry in Texas. Gun violence in Texas costs taxpayers $16.6 billion per year. She also voted to make to reduce training hours required to obtain a concealed carry license.

Twelve – She also coauthored a bill that prohibited federal enforcement of firearm regulations. For example, if the federal government made a law mandating people report when their guns are lost

or stolen, Texas wouldn’t comply, even though Texas leads the nation in the amount of guns lost and stolen each year.

Thirteen – Stephanie Klick voted against allowing military veterans with PTSD to have access to service dogs.

Fourteen – Unsurprising, Klick was one of the coauthors of the dangerous and irresponsible Constitutional Carry bill.

The culture wars have been the Republican’s political strategy ever since America elected the first Black president. It shouldn’t surprise anyone, that Klick was fallen in line with waging war against non-white, non-Christian, non-CIS, and non-straight Texans.

Fifteen – In 2013, Klick voted for drug testing for people receiving Unemployment benefits. Not only was this unconstitutional, (like many of the things Klick gets behind), but countless studies showed this be a huge waste of hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars. In the multiple states that made this same provision, later dropped it, after finding the vast majority of people on unemployment were not drug addicts.

Sixteen – Even though Stephanie Klick is a woman, she voted against equal pay for women in 2013.

Seventeen – In 2017 Klick coauthored a bill which ended all state contracts with companies that boycotted Israel. This bill was thrown out by federal judges in 2019, then reversed by the 5th Circuit Court in 2020.

Eighteen – Klick voted to prohibit government action against businesses that donate to religious organizations. (I wonder if that included the Church of Satan).

Nineteen – In 2019, Texas passed an Unconstitutional bill which will allow the state to charge people using their first amendment rights with a felony and ten years in prison, if they are protesting oil pipelines. Klick voted in favor of it.

Twenty – This would be funny if it wasn’t so stupid. This year, Klick authored a bill that created a penalty for protesters who blocked an ambulance driveway. She based that bill on fake news that was heavily debunked. Which should give no room to those who are curious about which news station she watches.

Despite the fact that the world is in a climate crisis, Stephanie Klick has spent her career aiming to increase pollution, environmental racism, and kill the Earth.

Twenty One – In 2015, Klick coauthored the Denton Fracking Ban bill. The Republican Party has always been against local control. In 2014, Denton banned fracking in their city, because fracking is terrible for the environment and the people who live near it. Texas, put the interests of oil and gas above the safety of their citizens and local control. Klick was one of the masterminds behind this authoritarian legislation.

Representative Klick has long been at the forefront of voter suppression in Texas.

Twenty Two – In 2017, she voted to ban straight ticket voting in Texas. Republicans did this to make the voting lines longer and discourage working class people from voting. A federal judge later blocked this legislation, but it was too late to change the 2020 ballots. Fortunately, it didn’t ultimately hurt the down-ballot candidates.

Stephanie Klick isn’t the worst legislator in the Texas House, but she’s pretty close. Her agenda has been to hurt women, children, veterans, people of color, immigrants, people in poverty, and the environment.

Aren’t you tired of politicians like her that work against the people’s best interests?

In 2022, it’s time for her to go.

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