Racist Parents In Cy-Fair ISD Lashed Out In June – Plan Return On 8/5

Racist Parents In Cy-Fair ISD Lashed Out In June – Plan Return On 8/5

Another school board, another group of racists, and the lack of understanding of “Critical Race Theory” continues.

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On June 24, 2021, an army of angry white parents descended on the Cy-Fair ISD Board Meeting to express their anger over “Critical Race Theory.” At this particular meeting, the School Board Members repeatedly told the parents they do not teach CRT in Cy-Fair ISD. State House Representative Jon Rosenthal also showed up to help explain what CRT is and how it isn’t taught in schools.

The white people who sat amongst the crowd, fermenting at the mouth, wouldn’t listen. They shouted over Representative Rosenthal until the Board threatened to remove them from the meeting. Then, when it was time for the public comments, they each got up and said, “I know y’all say you aren’t teaching CRT, but yes you are.”

Cy-Fair ISD Meeting in June

Why listen to the horse’s mouth when you have Fox News and OAN to lead you?

It doesn’t seem to matter how many elected officials, school board members, teachers, or other parents tell these people that no one is teaching their 8-year old Critical Race Theory; they simply know it to be true.

The political talking heads on the right have given them secret clues to identify CRT, including words like equity, culture, and identity. So, they believe that if a school curriculum mentions equity, it’s teaching little Tommy and Becky that they are bad because they are white.

Last year Cy-Fair ISD passed a resolution condemning racism and affirming their commitment to opportunity for all. One of the parents in June was angry at that resolution, called it alarming, and said it was Critical Race Theory.

Watch the video above. It’s been cut to show the absurdity of these people, but if you want to see the entire meeting, you can find it HERE.

We were contacted by a Cy-Fair ISD parent who alerted us to the June meeting and the meeting happening tomorrow.

Tomorrow evening, the board is meeting again, and another group of angry white people who don’t understand Critical Race Theory plans to attend and make a ruckus.

If you are a Cy-Fair ISD parent or just a resident who wants to show your support, please go to the meeting and speak against the racism of these individuals and show the school board you support their resolution condemning racism.

HERE is the information regarding tomorrow’s meeting, which will happen at 6:00 pm at the Instructional Support Center, 10300 Jones Road, Houston, Texas.

Don’t let the racists be the loudest voice in the room.

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