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Michael Burgess At Secessionists Meeting With 3%ers – Sheriff Went Wild

What do Congressman Michael Burgess, Secessionists, 3%ers, Denton County Sheriff, and the Denton County Republican Party have in common? They were all in the Denton County Elections Administration building on Thursday night. And it was caught on video.

Last week, it all started when word got out that the Texas Nationalist Movement was congregating with the Denton County Republican Party at the Denton County Elections Administration building. Activists, live streamers, and local media showed up to document the event.

The first question we all should ask is, “What the hell is Denton Republican Party doing inside the Elections Administration building?”

Suppose you haven’t been paying attention over the last ten months. In that case, the Republican Party from DC to Austin have their little hearts set on taking the Constitutional rights away from millions of Black, brown, and left leaning Americans. Fake audits, fake news, lies, death threats, intimidation, violence, terror attacks, sedition, and treason are only some of the tactics these people have used so far.

White people are now a minority in Texas.

Texas’ population is only 39.75% white, and every political group to the right of Joe Manchin is losing their minds. (Manchin might be losing his mind, too.)

The Texas Nationalist Movement is a far-right organization that holds Neo-Confederate ideology, and their leaders are full-on QAnon Conspiracy Nutcases. They have been meeting with County Republican Parties all over the state to entice them with joining their cause of committing treason against the United States of America. It’s assumed that their thought process is that since members of the Republican Party are willing to commit an insurrection and overturn the American government, they’ll probably be willing to commit treason and launch a war against the United States.

All these people have to hear is “communism, socialism, or Marxism,” and they’re ready to grab their pitchfork and go where the crown leads them. But, of course, they think all of those words are the same thing and can define none of them.

What happened Thursday night?

Friend of Living Blue in Texas, Jessica Luther Rummel, showed up to the meeting to document for her radio show at KUZU.

There was already a rumor going around that the 3%ers would be attending the meeting. And wouldn’t you know, one pulled in right next to Jessica.

Depending on who you ask, the 3%ers range anywhere from anti-government extremists to a hate group or domestic terrorists. In short, they are the bad guys.

3%er pulls next to Jessica.

When Jessica went inside, she inquired about the meeting with a Denton County GOP member and was told the secessionists weren’t allowed in the building, and their meeting was taking place outside.

That turned out to be untrue.

Who did the 3%er guy meet up with?

When the 3%er pulled in, he was on his phone, and then he waited in his car until a second man pulled into the parking lot. After the second man pulled in, the 3%er got out of his truck and walked over to that man.

Was the second man who he spoke with on the phone? And is the second man also a 3%er?

This is important because the second man is seen leaving with later (we’ll get to that).

Denton County GOP said secessionists not allowed in the building.

If anyone recognizes any of them, drop Living Blue or Jessica Luther-Rummel a line. Since they haven’t been identified, for the sake of not being confusing, this article will further refer to them as 3%er and the second man.

In fact, those two hung out and pow-wowed in the parking lot together for a while.

Protesters showed up.

What makes me most proud about North Texas is when civil/human/gay rights activists hear that fascists like the Texas Nationalist Movement are showing up in their town, they show up too.

The protesters were specifically there because of the Texas Nationalist Movement and not any other person or group.

The rest of Texas should take a cue from them and stand up against these assholes, too.

Unfortunately, just like these GOP nitwits can’t define Marxism, they also believe that everyone who stands against them is a card-carrying member of Antifa, even though there are no active Antifa groups in North Texas.

No matter how often you explain to the right, they’ll never understand the difference between an organization and a belief.

3%er meets with second man.

They assume that every anti-fascist person who believes the lives of Black people matter belongs to a Black Lives Matter or Antifa organization which they pay dues to every month.

Although Jessica showed up separately and was not part of the protest group, the alt-right members at that meeting lumped them all in together. It was because they were the only ones wearing masks.

The second man entered the building.

The first thing he did was walk up to the sheriff deputies on duty and shook their hands.

Is this because he was already familiar with these law enforcement officers, or was it just a rank and file thing like, “You work forces, I burn crosses?”

Is that weird?

Do you walk up to random cops to shake their hands and say, “Hey buddy.” I don’t. That seems more like something you do with people you already know.

After January 6, we all know that the right doesn’t back the blue, so it can be confusing.

3%er and second man pow-wow in parking lot.

When the Texas Nationalist Movement people show up, the same lady who told Jessica that they couldn’t be in the building spoke with the organizer for several minutes.

The organizer, Tim Curtis, is also a Denton County Republican Precinct Chair. Curtis is the one wearing the red hat with short shorts.

Does it make you uncomfortable the Texas Nationalist Movement was in the Denton County Election Administration building?

First 3%ers, then the Texas Nationalist Movement; who’s next? ISIS?

At one point, Tim Curtis is overheard telling people with the Texas Nationalist Movement not to eat or go into the meeting.

They all later will, anyway.

The people at this event tried extra hard to make it seem like the Texas Nationalist Movement and the Denton County GOP were having two separate meetings and weren’t intertwined. Although the TNM organizer was also a precinct chair, it’s curious if they did that because they meant it or because Jessica was there documenting them.

Protest group shows up.

The Denton County Republican Party already voted to support secession earlier this year. (What do you think made them wake up one day and say, “I don’t want to be part of America anymore?”)

Jessica had to repeatedly tell the people there that she wasn’t affiliated with the protesters outside. The mask gave her away. 🤣

3%er, second man, and a gaggle of Karens enter the building.

This was caught on video from two different angles: Jessica’s feed and the Flutternater’s feed.

Shortly after this, the Flutternater also entered the building.

The Flutternater recorded a few of the flyers being handed out at the Denton County Republican meeting.

Second man greets sheriff deputies.

The first, a Texit flyer, creatively spoke about States’ Rights, which we all know means white supremacy.

Front of Texit flyer.
Back of Texit flyer.

The second flyer advertised the Denton County Republican Party’s Lincoln Regan Dinner planned for September 18, 2021. The featured speaker at that meeting will be Charlie Kirk.

Charlie Kirk is a conspiratorial, fear-mongering racist, and he has been very open about it.

Kirk’s appearance with this GOP group, coupled with Texit, and having 3%ers among their ranks, it’s safe to say that the Denton County Republican Party is an anti-American fascist organization.

Front of Denton GOP Lincoln Regan Dinner flyer.
Back of Denton GOP Lincoln Regan Dinner flyer.

Then came the death threat.

An elderly white man who was with the Texit group approached the Flutternater and said, “I’ll kill you mother fuckers.”

Texas Nationalist Movement Shows up .
TNM says don’t ear or go into the meeting.
Jessica gets grilled about her presence.

Then the man turned to Tim Curtis and said, “I hate those sons of a bitches, those communist sons of a bitches.”

Texit man told the Flutternater he would kill him.

On Thursday night, the people who gathered in the Denton County Elections Administration building were domestic terrorists, white supremacists, and people who don’t believe that all races of America should have Constitutional rights.

In the background of the video which caught the death threat, you can see the 3%er, the second man, and the gaggle of Karens talking to Denton County Sheriff Tracy Murphree.

Jessica also caught Murphree chatting with the 3%er on video, but he hurried away when Murphree realized Jessica was recording him talking to this man.

First angle: 3%er, second man, and a gaggle of Karens enter the building.
Tracy Murphree attempts to avoid being recorded speaking with 3%er.

The Republican meeting started, and only Jessica had to leave the room.

They announced they were going to have an executive session and certain people had to leave the room.

As it turned out, the only one who had to leave was Jessica, a member of the press.

What was the Denton County Republican Party discussing that the press couldn’t record them?

Second angle: 3%er, second man, and gaggle of Karens enter the building.
The GOP call an impromptu executive session, and make the members of the press leave.

While they were in their so-called executive session, Michael Burgess took to the mic and spoke. What was it that Burgess said, that the press couldn’t hear?

Did Burgess talk about secession from the United States of America?

Or did he talk about their plans for another insurrection? If you don’t remember, Burgess was one of those who tried to overturn the election on January 6.

Not realizing that she was the only one leaving the room, Jessica complied and went out into the lobby.

However, when it became clear that Jessica was the only one thrown out and Congressman Burgess was giving his speech, she tried to go back into the room.

Denton County Sheriff Tracy Murphree assaulted Jessica on camera.

When she was denied entry back into the meeting, she asked to speak with the Sheriff since he was chatting to the people denying her on the other side of the door.

Murphree joined Jessica in the lobby; she told him it was her right as a Denton County taxpaying citizen to be in the public meeting, which was in a public building.

The GOP call an impromptu executive session and make the members of the press leave.

Murphree refused to allow Jessica back in the room, had his sheriff deputies block the door, and told her to sue the Denton County GOP if she didn’t like it.

The banter between Jessica and Murphree continued until Jessica said, “I tell you what, since I have your attention…”

She asked him why his office covered up the murder of Lermont Stower-Jones. Murphree said he didn’t know anything about that.

Then Jessica told Murphree about how his department covered up the murder of Darius Tarver. Murphree laughed.

Jessica confronted him on his laugher at the young man’s murder, and he said it was tragic.

Then, Jessica said to the sheriff, “You killed your wife, too.”

Sheriff Tracy Murphree became enraged.

He pushed up against Jessica as he backed her up against the wall, his face turned to beat red, and his fists balled up as he pushed into her personal space.

You have to see this clip for yourself. It’s stunning.

Sheriff Tracy Murphree assaults Jessica Luther-Rummel.

Sheriff Tracy Murphree admitted to sending sheriff deputies out to Jessica’s home for supposed 911 calls. 911 calls, which never came from Jessica’s home.

Eventually, Murphree walked away, but his sheriff deputies remained at the door, blocking Jessica from reentry.

Not long after that, Michael Burgess was seen being escorted out by the second man and the gaggle of Karens.

Remember, the second man was repeatedly seen with the 3%er all night.

Congressman Michael Burgess attended a meeting with 3%ers and the Texas Nationalist Movement.

On top of that, it was a Denton County GOP meeting.

More so, the people who attended this meeting were unhinged and violent.

Michael Burgess escorted out by the second man and the gaggle of Karens.

At the end of the night, a loony woman attempted to helicopter her purse into Jessica.

The Denton County GOP has lost its grip on reality. They are meeting with Congressmen, 3%ers, and Texas Nationalists in secret, while press was denied access.

These GOP members threatened to kill one live streamer and assault a woman with the local radio station.

All of this happened in the Denton County Elections Administration building, a taxpayer-funded property.

To use this building, they were supposed to get approval from the Denton County Commissioner’s Court. However, there is no record of them ever doing so.

Yet, several Denton County Commissioners, judges, city councilmen, and the Denton County Sheriff were present.

Was this an abuse of power?

How close is Denton County to turning blue?

A lot closer than many of these jokers realize. Several parts of the county are already blue. Perhaps that’s why they’re illegally using a public building with Nationalists and 3%ers in secret.


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