Greg Abbott Wants To Kill Your Children

Greg Abbott Wants To Kill Your Children

The Delta Variant is sending children to the ICU at a much higher rate than the initial strain, and Governor Abbott signed executive orders to prevent schools from keeping children safe.

In April, Greg Abbott issued GA-35, which prohibits schools and other government entities from mandating that their employees get vaccines. Then, in May, he issued GA-36, which prevents schools from mandating teachers and students to wear masks. So, now that school is one to two weeks away (depending on where you live), it looks like parents will have to send their children to a possible unsafe environment while the Delta Variant is raging out of control.

Just yesterday, Greg Abbott reaffirmed that he would be banning masks, shutdowns, and vaccine mandates.

Unfortunately, the Delta Variant is hitting children much harder than the initial strand. There has been an 85% increase in positive Covid tests in children.

And an increasing amount of kids are winding up in the ICU on a ventilator.

It’s happening in other states.

Mississippi is out of ICU beds. Record numbers of children are in Louisiana’s ICUs. Oklahoma is nearly out of pediatric ICU beds. Arkansas is reporting an alarming rate of children in hospitals. Two children in Tennessee just died from Covid.

All over America, children are at serious risk for severe symptoms with the Delta Variant.

It’s happening here.

North Texas hospitals are already at their limits. Harris County has raised its threat level to Red; Travis County just moved to Stage 5. Nueces County nurses are overwhelmed and asking for help. Last month there was a large outbreak that originated from a Houston-area youth camp.

Dr. Charles Hankins

The deaths in Texas have now surpassed those in New York.

Listen to what Dr. Charles Hankins, Chief Medical Officer of Children’s Hospital San Antonio said.

Or what Dr. Mark Kline, Physician-in-Chief at Children’s Hospital New Orleans, said.

Dr. Mark Kline

Texas Democrats have urged Abbott to reverse his mask mandate ban in schools. And Texas officials are now denying hospitals emergency staff for their hospitalization surges.

Currently, Texas has the highest number of children in hospitals with Covid.

Kids cannot get vaccinated yet.

Children between the ages of 5 – 11 will get the vaccinations as soon as September/October. However, children under the age of 5, they won’t have a vaccine until winter.

This week, Greg Abbott and other Republicans have been taking to the airwaves to blame Covid on immigration and Joe Biden. Don’t let anyone fall for that because the data is telling us otherwise.

Here are yesterday’s Covid numbers in Texas.

I wish I had better news.

Just today, Abbott called another special session to begin on Saturday at noon. On top of his already absurd list of oppressive legislation, he’s added the request for legislation to block schools from requiring masks and vaccines.

Here are the predictions being made by the University of Texas:

What can you do?

Call all of your legislators, regardless of party, and let them know about your concerns about sending the kids back to schools with no masks while the Delta Variant is raging out of control. Contact Greg Abbott‘s office and tell him to remove the ban on mask mandates. Reach out to your local school board and push for virtual learning in your district.

Greg Abbott is willing to kill children for the sake of getting re-elected by Trump’s base. We need to make sure he is never elected to office in Texas ever again.

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