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Do You Remember Texas’ 16 Congressmen Who Tried To Overturn The Election?

It’s hard to forget these traitors to democracy, but as we approach the six-month anniversary of the attack on the Capitol that they provoked, now is a good time to talk about what they’ve been up to.

After the January 6th Insurrection, 16 Texas Congressmen and Ted Cruz voted to overturn the 2020 Presidential Election. They did this based on fake news and lies, most of which they started. But, of course, there have been no consequences or repercussions for their actions and lies, which has allowed them to continue with the same pre-certification behavior: lies, racism, and hate.

(The below will only focus on the votes from the 16, even though there are other congressmen, like Chip Roy, who joined them in most of these votes, Roy didn’t vote to overturn the election.)

As a reminder, here are the Texas Congressmen who hate democracy:

  • Louie Gohmert
  • Pat Fallon
  • Lance Gooden
  • Ron Wright
  • August Pfluger
  • Ronny Jackson
  • Randy Weber
  • Pete Sessions
  • Jodey Arrington
  • Troy Nehls
  • Beth Van Duyne
  • Roger Williams
  • Michael Burgess
  • Michael Cloud
  • John Carter
  • Brian Babin

Trump’s Second Impeachment.

Shortly after the orange one caused the insurrection, Democrats moved to impeach the former guy. Although the evidence was solid and their case compelling. Every Republican on the list above did not vote for impeachment.

It was a bipartisan impeachment, with 10 Republicans in favor of it. However, the group from Texas held the coward’s position.

Congressman Ron Wright died in early February, so any votes after that didn’t include him.

The rest of the 15 traitors voted against the Pandemic Relief bill.

They also voted against stripping Marjorie Taylor Greene of her committee assignments after she threatened the lives of her co-workers and spread QAnon Conspiracies. Because threatening other people’s lives is not a deal-breaker for them.

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that the 15 Texas Congressmen also voted against expanded background checks.

The Violence Against Women Act.

Every time the Violence Against Women Act is reauthorized, most Republicans vote against it. Unsurprisingly, this year was no different. Congressman John Carter did vote FOR it. However, the remaining 14 traitors voted against it, including Beth Van Duyne.

In March, when the House voted to award Congressional Gold Medals to all of the Capitol police force for their efforts on January 6th, some of Texas’ Congressmen voted against it. Here are the seditionists who voted against backing the blue:

Louie Gohmert also voted against the Protecting Seniors from Emergency Scams Act. Both Louie Gohmert and Pete Sessions voted against the Fraud and Scams Reduction Act.

Carbon monoxide detectors for low-income families, facilities for the children and elderly, and schools.

When a bill came up to protect the most vulnerable of our population from carbon monoxide poisonings, several Texas Congressmen insurrectionists voted against it. That included Michael Cloud, Louie Gohermt, and Randy Weber.

Some of them have decided they don’t care how racist the country perceives them and voted against the Anti-Asian Hate Crime Bill. That included:

  • Brian Babin
  • Michael Cloud
  • Louie Gohmert
  • Lance Gooden
  • Ronny Jackson
  • August Pfluger
  • Randy Weber

Shamefully, Ronny Jackson voted against making Juneteenth a national holiday.

And, every single one of the 15 voted against the January 6 Select Committee.

These Republicans don’t represent Texas or Texas values.

Each one of them has repeatedly shown since January 6 that they don’t care about democracy or the Constitution. They have proved themselves to be racists repeatedly.

Most of us don’t understand why Congress hasn’t done anything to stop these people from their path of destruction. If the For the People Act passes, it will end gerrymandering, and we can seriously look at getting them out of office.

However, if Democrats drop the ball and can’t get SR1 passed, we’re going to be stuck with them unless every single non-voter in the state of Texasbecomes a voter in 2022.

It’s going to take all of us.

If you haven’t already, sign up to help get out the vote with Powered by People, Move Texas, or the Texas Democratic Party.

We, the people, have had enough!

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