Shenita Cleveland Announce Run For Congress

Shenita Cleveland Announce Run For Congress

Shenita Cleveland is a certified minority business owner, community leader, and political activist. Today she announces her bid for the Texas Congressional District 30 seat.

Justice is the issue closest to my heart,” Cleveland told us, “Because that’s where freedom and liberation lies. Justice is when you are free to get the healthcare you need and live a good quality of life. Green energy is justice. And freedom for all. Congressional District 30,” she pointed out, “has the highest incarcerations rate in North Texas. So the People in District 30 need justice.”

I asked her, with justice, where do we start?

Policing and criminal justice. Shenita Cleveland believes there should be a federal minimum standard for every police department to follow. For example, police officers must have bodycams, and there must be a ban on chokeholds and no-knock warrants.

In Washington DC, the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act is sitting in the Senate, filibustered. Considering that and the current events with our state legislature, I asked where she stood on the filibuster.

“It shouldn’t be there,” Cleveland said, “We all know that it shouldn’t be in existence. Instead, the Senate has used it as a tool to prolong justice aimlessly. Ending the filibuster is a no-brainer.”

Currently, most people incarcerated in America are behind bars for non-violent crimes, most of those being drug crimes. Of all of the people locked up for drugs, over 70% arrested for marijuana. Cleveland favors ending the prohibition on marijuana and believes that part of her justice platform is an immediate end to prohibition and expunging marijuana crimes.

There are 220,000 uninsured people in District 30, higher than many other Districts in North Texas. Cleveland is in favor of universal healthcare. Countless studies point to how universal healthcare would save Texas money. Making sure that all Texas citizens have access to healthcare should be one of Congress’ top priorities.

Her mother is the person who she always admired most. Cleveland told me about her mother’s strength and how she was a single mom who overcame many hardships. She was born in Columbus, Texas, where Confederate monuments still stand and townspeople built a road around their once-hanging tree to preserve it. Growing up, she had a close relationship with her mother and her great-grandmother.

Longtime Congresswoman Eddie Bernie Johnson has served Dallas for 15 terms. During the 2020 campaign, the 85-year old Congresswoman asked to be sent to DC one more time to beat Donald Trump, implying she would retire in 2020. However, she has yet to make a formal announcement regarding her intent on retiring.

Shenita Cleveland understands that today, we live in a society that creates laws that segregate people into classes and economic conditions. Shenita Cleveland is that empathetic voice to fight for those things that matter most to working families. That’s why Living Blue in Texas is endorsing her for Congressional District 30 in 2022.

You can go to her website to learn more about her or follow Shenita Cleveland on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

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