Protestors Urge Repeal of SB 8

Protestors Urge Repeal of SB 8

Picture: In a dramatic ending to her speech, Delia Parker-Mims simulated what some women do who need an abortion and don’t have access to a safe one — use a coat hanger. Photo courtesy of Delia Parker-Mims.

DENTON — Wednesday, July 7, from 4-6 p.m. protestors gathered at the Denton County Courthouse to protest the passage of Texas Senate Bill 8, otherwise known as the Heartbeat Bill. The bill bans all abortions after six weeks of pregnancies, even if they are due to rape or incest.

The protest was held by Protect SA Survivors, a group formed by Tara Sachar, herself a survivor of sexual assault beginning at the age of 14. Indivisible Denton and member Sharon Kremer supported Sachar’s efforts. Sachar urged audience members to contact Governor Greg Abbott and urge him to repeal SB 8 as it harms women and girls.

Delashawn Bordeaux told how she was sexually assaulted by her father between the ages of 14-18. She said she always wondered what she would have done if she had become pregnant when she was being abused.

Bordeaux has started Sexual Abuse Peer Support Group whose tagline is “We understand the struggle. You are not alone.” Interested individuals may register at

Delia Parker-Mims spoke next, saying, “The heartbeat bill is not about saving babies. They say they are saving babies, but they refuse to support programs that support children. Plus, Texas has one of the highest maternal death rates. It’s as high as Third World countries. Abbott and his male cronies are deliberately endangering the lives of women to gain and retain political power. They are endangering the lives of women because history tells us that Roe v. Wade didn’t usher in abortions — it ushered in safe abortions.”

Sarah Mitchell related how many women do not have the luxury of receiving good medical care even before they are pregnant. She also told the sad story of how she had a pregnancy which resulted in the death of a daughter due to abnormalities.

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