Pat Fallon Panders Propaganda That Caused Racial Violence In His District

Pat Fallon Panders Propaganda That Caused Racial Violence In His District

On July 26, 2020, hundreds of angry white people attacked peaceful Black protesters in Weatherford, TX. Racist propaganda prompted this incident of racial violence while Pat Fallon was the State Senator over Parker County. He’s now spreading the same propaganda in DC.

In the 1860s, four enslaved people were lynched and then buried in front of the Parker County Courthouse in Weatherford, TX. There is no record of their bodies ever being removed. Fifty years after the lynching, the town built a Confederate monument over bodies. In 2020, the descendants of those lynched slaves began asking the city for justice for their ancestors.

Racial Violence In Weatherford Captured By The Flutternater

However, Weatherford didn’t meet them with open ears, empathy, or kindness. Instead, the townsfolk in Weatherford met them with one of the worst incidents of racial violence in Texas during 2020.

When a few dozen peaceful protesters, mostly Black, showed up at the town square on July 26, they were met by hundreds of armed, angry white people. They were called every racial slur you’ve probably ever heard and some new ones. The angry racists beat them with fists, flag poles, and threw full water bottles at them.

The peaceful group who showed up to exercise their Constitutional rights had guns pointed, and knives pulled on them.

The white people of Weatherford committed this act of racial violence, they said, because they were scared Antifa was going to burn down their town.

Even though the protesters they attacked were their neighbors and “Antifa hadn’t burned down” any town in Texas, these angry white people committed some of the most horrendous racial violence many of us have ever witnessed in our lifetime.

When this incident happened, Pat Fallon was the State Senator over District 30. When this incident occurred, many of his constituents reached out to him for help. Unfortunately, most of those who reached out reported that his office was unresponsive.

Why it matters, now.

As the fallout from January 6 continues, many Republicans have tried to shift the narrative to “BLM” and “Antifa.” In Texas, we haven’t seen any of these so-called “Antifa riots,” but in 2020, we saw countless incidents of racial violence committed by far-right extremists.

Most of the incidents of racial violence in Texas during 2020 were caused by right-wing media and GOP politicians pandering propaganda about “BLM” and “Antifa.” Their propaganda caused their audiences to lash out in violence against Black and brown people, Democrats, the Biden/Harris bus, and the United States Capitol.

Pat Fallon Uses Whataboutism

Pat Fallon, of all people, should have learned that the lies and hate-propaganda spread by the far-right has led to incidents of racial violence all over Texas, one of the worst being in the district he was supposed to be responsible for.

Pat Fallon didn’t learn.

Instead, he’s taken his message to Washington D.C. Besides being a traitor to democracy and trying to overthrow the election on January 6, he has continued in the same hateful and divisive lies which caused racial violence at his doorstep in July 2020.

These lies spread by politicians like Pat Fallon, Ronny Jackson, and Pete Sessions cause violence. Their lies contributed to the January 6 insurrection. Their lies contributed to dozens of incidents of racial violence in Texas last year.

Yet, they persist.


It’s easy for us to say, “they’re stupid, and they don’t realize the consequences of their propaganda.” But they aren’t that stupid.

They know that the lies and propaganda they continue to spread put people in their districts in danger from violent right-wing extremists. They don’t care.

Pat Fallon doesn’t care if Black people in his district are targeted, attacked, hurt, or worse because of the lies he continues to tell. He doesn’t care if white supremacist groups from Texas pack up their cars and head to DC to murder his co-workers.


Is it purely political? Is Fallon a die-hard racist? Or is he just a Trump cultist incapable of telling the truth? Does it even matter at this point? In 2022, he has to go.

Call or email Congressman Fallon’s office. Let them know how disgusted and appalled you are with his continuing lies and incitement of violence. You can reach Fallon’s office at 202-225-6673.

Urge him to stop his behavior before someone in Texas is hurt. We cannot stand for this, anymore.

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