Guess Who Threw Another Temper Tantrum On The House Floor?

Guess Who Threw Another Temper Tantrum On The House Floor?

If you said “Chip Roy,” you’re right.

How many times do we have to watch Chip Roy act out like a small child who has yet to learn how to control their emotions? America has watched Chip Roy cry and throw more temper tantrums than any other member in Congress. Yet, No matter how much he gets called out on it, he continues to behave like someone who needs anger management classes.

What’s his problem this time? Take a look for yourself.

“OMG, Speaker Pelosi is making us wear masks, but what about the border?”

As of today, over 53,000 Texans have died from Covid. And 3.1 million Texans have been infected; that’s over 10% of our state’s population.

The Delta Variant is more dangerous, more contagious, and 99.5% of the people who die from it are unvaccinated.

49% of Texans are unvaccinated. This includes children under the age of 12, and school is about to start.

But, whataboutism? The border! The border!

Is anyone else sick and tired of Texas Republicans, who live and work hours away from the border talking about how bad it is?

Especially considering it’s all bullshit.

From Politifact: The border is not wide open.

According to FactCheck, apprehensions at the border are still less than they were under the orange one.

And, according to the New York Times, Republicans have mischaracterized Biden’s immigration policies, exaggerated the situation, and omitted context.

People have a really short memory.

I’ll tell you why the Republicans’ “border crisis” rhetoric is complete bullshit. Ted Cruz, Greg Abbott, and Michael Burgess in 2014 blame Obama for a “border crisis.”

Yet, these three Republicans, along with Chip Roy, were silent during Trump’s child separation and kids in cages policies.

The funny thing is after Obama left the White House and Trump was sworn in, they were oddly quiet about immigration activities on our Southern front.

Do you know why? Because they don’t give a crap about immigration, but instead are using dog-whistle politics to appeal to Trump’s base.

That brings us back to Chip Roy.

He said people are fed up and want to go back to normal life and have their kids go back to school without wearing masks – the same kids who aren’t old enough to be vaccinated.

Chip Roy is one of the reasons why 99.5% of Covid deaths are unvaccinated. Roy is a cancer survivor. The last cancer survivor from Texas who was anti-mask and anti-science died from coronavirus. So, you would think that his co-workers would have learned, but they didn’t.

Chip Roy and all the Republicans just like him work diligently to strip rights away from others, women’s rights, voting rights, and so on. Yet, at the same time, they will cry wearing masks is “their body, their choice.” The hypocrisy is overwhelming.

Chip Roy has formed a clique with MTG.

After his temper tantrum, she was the lone person to stand and clap for him.

Pay attention to this because I’ve noticed they are frequently seen together for a press conference and supporting each other’s speeches in the House.

It speaks loudly that Chip Roy has chosen to be on the side of the most psychotic person ever elected to Congress in the history of America.

Y’all, we have to do better.

Chip Roy has to go.

Democrat Scott Sturm is running to replace Roy in Congress. Check him out, follow him on his social media channels, and if you live in TX-21, vote AGAINST Chip Roy.

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