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Texas Democrats Plan On Registering 2 Million New Voters By The 2022 Election

Texas Democrats Launch Project Texas, A Comprehensive Plan to Register Texas Democrats For the 2022 Elections

Texas Democrats’ takeaways from the 2020 election are clear: to take back our state from Texas Republicans. Democrats need to register more voters. With Republicans’ increasing extremism and relentless attacks on Texans this spring, the stakes have never been higher in the fight for Texas’ future.

Today, in a press conference with Congresswoman Veronica Escobar, Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee, Texas Senate Democratic Caucus Chair Carol Alvarado, State Sen. Royce West, Texas House Democratic Dean Senfronia Thompson, Texas Legislative Black Caucus Chair Nicole Collier, Mexican American Legislative Caucus Chair Rafael Anchía, House Democratic Caucus Chair Chris Turner, and Texas Democratic Party Chief Strategy Officer Luke Warford, Texas Democrats unveiled Project Texas, our comprehensive plan to register Texas Democrats and take back our state in the 2022 elections. The full recording of the press conference is available here, and you can read more about the plan here.

Texas’ 2020 Voter Turnout

The numbers show that of Texans eligible to vote but are not registered, nearly 2 million are likely to vote Democratic. So we want to register all of them.

Project Texas includes two phases. First, Texas Democrats will test out six approaches to voter registration through our 2021 pilot program and identify which tactics work best. Then, they will scale up the most effective methods to do a massive voter registration push in 2022.

Of the 2 million unregistered likely Democratic voters in Texas, more than half are Latino, ⅕ are Black, and ¼ are 25 years of age or younger. Outreach to young Texans and Latino and Black communities will be a foundational part of our Project Texas programming. Every Democrat we register gives Texans a better shot at tipping the scales and putting Democrats in power in 2022.

Texas Democratic Party Chief Strategy Officer Luke Warford issued the following statement:

“The contrast has never been clearer: Texas Republicans want to make it harder to vote while Texas Democrats are fighting to ensure that all Texans can make their voices heard. 

“Today, Texas Democrats launched our comprehensive plan to register Texas Democratic voters and build the future Texans deserve. Every day, Texas is getting younger and more diverse. With Project Texas, we are fighting to register the two million Texans eligible to vote and likely to vote for Democrats but unregistered — the vast majority of whom are young people or people of color. Our takeaway from the 2020 election is clear: if we want to save our state from Texas Republicans and their extremist agenda, we need to register more voters. And we know that our path to victory is grounded in investing in the inclusion of all Texans, especially those in underrepresented communities across the state. Right now, Republicans are attacking Texans in almost every way possible — and it’s never been so urgent for us to fight back by working for the inclusion and representation of all Texans.

“This spring, Republicans made their strategy clear: they are so afraid of being voted out of office that they are simply trying to stop Texans who disagree with them from voting. Voter registration is an immediate and concrete way to fight back — by helping more Texans get to the ballot box. While Republicans are trying to silence Texans, with Project Texas, we are going to help as many Texas voters as possible make their voices heard.”

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