Shelby Slawson Doesn’t Know Austin Is In Texas Or Want Her Staffers Paid

Shelby Slawson Doesn’t Know Austin Is In Texas Or Want Her Staffers Paid

Texas House District 59’s Representative Shelby Slawson stuck her foot in her mouth yesterday, twice.

Representative Shelby Slawson only had one bill make it to the Governor’s desk, the “Heartbeat Bill,” which bans abortions after 6 weeks. She also introduced a slew of bills targeted to hurt Black and brown people, but they never made it out of committee. As obvious by her issues and what she voted on this session, Representative Slawson is another Republican who subscribes to oppression and the suffering of others. Yesterday, she sent out a few tweets, insulting hundreds of thousands of people.

Initially, it began with Greg Abbott throwing a temper tantrum over Democrats standing up for Texan’s right to vote. His response was a threat to veto Article 10 of the budget. That’s the portion of the budget that funds the legislature. Not just the legislature but also their staffers.

Shelby Slawson responded saying, “Here for it.”

Aside from passing a bill to regulate women’s bodies, voting for Jim Crow voter suppression, and voting to make sure any knumbskull can open carry a deadly weapon without training or a permit, Slawson also doesn’t want legislative staffers paid.

Cruelty is the point.

The mountains of misery that Texas Republicans inflict on Texas families have been an affront to human and civil rights. Shelby Slawson isn’t a special Texas Republican. She’s rank and file with the rest of her peers.

However, to agree with Abbott on vetoing Article X means that she agrees that her own staffers shouldn’t be paid. There’s always the possibility that she didn’t understand what she was saying, and it would hurt her, too.

Mean or stupid?

Shortly after that tweet, she tweeted again. This time it was a picture of her standing in front of the Capitol. She captioned the picture, “time to leave Austin & head back to TEXAS!!!”

What state does she think Austin is in?

A few people pointed out that she didn’t mean she didn’t know where Austin was, but she implied that Austin wasn’t “real Texas.” Nearly one million people are living in Austin. How do they feel about Shelby Slawson implying that they aren’t “real Texans?”

Who does Shelby Slawson think “real Texans are?”

There are Sundown Towns in Slawson’s district.

In Comanche County, Neo-Confederates have taken over schools, governments, and historical societies. Does Shelby Slawson think the die-hard racists who dominate an entire county in her district are real Texans?

Somervell County is also in her district. Somervell’s poverty rate is nearly 23%, which is more than double the National Average. Slawson’s hometown of Stephenville also has a sky-high poverty rate, over 26%.

It’s unlikely that Shelby Slawson referred to Texans who live in poverty as “real Texans” in her statement because she would have done more to help her constituents if she did. However, all of her votes in the House Journals reflect intentions to harm people in poverty.

House District 59 is 25% more white than the rest of Texas. Austin is a racially diverse town. Slawson did vote for the Jim Crow voter suppression bill and the Lost Cause 2.0 bill. Is it possible that Slawson was inferring that “real Texans” are whiter than Austin?

Criminal Salon Barbie, Shelley Luther called Shelby Slawson stupid.

🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 Here for it 👆.

In all fairness, we’ve accused Shelley Luther of being a lot of things (corrupt, opportunistic, criminal, snowflake, racist, scam artist, etc.), but we never once called her stupid.

That being said, if Shelley Luther is calling you stupid, it may be time to start rethinking your life choices.

If you’re looking for an in-depth analysis of how Shelby Slawson spent this legislative session, stay tuned. We’ll have a complete breakdown for you soon.

Representative Slawson served one term. Let’s make sure she doesn’t go back for a second one.

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