Extremists Targeting North TX School Boards With Racism & Anti-Vaxxing

Extremists Targeting North TX School Boards With Racism & Anti-Vaxxing

There is a VERY real and well-funded white supremacist effort happening in Texas schools to end racial equality.

Earlier this week, there was a big fuss at Fort Worth ISD School Board Meeting. Apparently, many racists showed up, angry that Fort Worth ISD implemented equality and diversity in their school curriculums. These rabid extremists accused Fort Worth ISD of pushing Critical Race Theory on their children. But, of course, these uneducated racists, much like the Republicans in the Texas House, didn’t know what Critical Race Theory was. Instead, they made fools of themselves arguing to the school board how racial equality didn’t belong in Fort Worth Schools.

Fort Worth ISD School Board Meeting 6/22/2021

While watching the Fort Worth School Board Meeting video, I noticed a man behind some of the speakers. Throughout the entire meeting, he can be seen rolling his eyes and laughing at Black trauma.

While one elderly Black woman was speaking about her experience in an all-white school when she was a child, he laughed at her, and it was then that I realized it was Kevin Whitt.

Who is Kevin Whitt?

Kevin Whitt is a sad and confused individual. He was in the foreground of the Texas legislature’s bigoted push against LGBTQ children this last session. According to Whitt, he used to be a transexual prostitute. Then he found God. Now he spends all of his time promoting the white race and hatred towards the LGBTQ community. Here he was at the “White Lives Matter Rally” in Fort Worth in April:

While Lives Matter Rally – Fort Worth 4/11/2021

The WLM Rally was a bust, by the way. Far more counter-protesters showed up than actual white supremacists.

But the reason why Kevin’s presence at the Fort Worth ISD Meeting was so important was that the week before, he spoke at, and was thrown out of, a Frisco School Board Meeting.

Yes, we have that footage, too.

Why is Kevin Whitt attending school board meetings in multiple school districts?

Kevin Whitt gets kicked out of Frisco ISD School Board Meeting

I watched the entire Frisco ISD School Board (Full Video Here) Meeting, and to my surprise, several people appeared, claiming to be residents, who were also seen in Fort Worth (Full Video Here).

First, there was Blanca Martinez.

Here she is in Fort Worth:

Blanco Martinez in Fort Worth

And here is Blanca Martinez again in Frisco:

Blanca Martinez in Frisco

You can find Blanca Martinez at Traders Village every Saturday, where she goes to warn fairgoers about the imaginary danger of Covid vaccines.

Then there was Ajua Yvette Mason.

Here she is in Frisco:

Ajua Yvette Mason in Frisco

And here is Ajua Yvette Mason in Fort Worth:

Ajua Yvette Mason in Fort Worth
Blanca Martinez at Traders Village

Ironically, I recently ran across videos of Ajua Yvette Mason on Tik Tok. She looked familiar, then I remembered why.

Do y’all remember this last December when local activist Shenita Cleveland was the lone protester at a Shelley Luther event and was called the n-word and several other racial disparities? If you don’t remember, it was all caught on video, and we wrote about it HERE.

While Shenita was out there and being accosted by overt white supremacists, a Black woman appeared out of the crowd, dressed in Trump gear, stood in front of the white crowd that was hurling racial slurs at Shenita.

Ajua Yvette Mason dancing at Trump gatherings

Then the woman shook her rear-end in Shenita’s direction.

It turns out that woman was Ajua Yvette Mason.

The video from Shelley Luther’s rally is uncomfortable to watch. After Mason shook her rear-end at Shenita, she stood around taking pictures with the group of white people standing around watching her, who just had called Shenita racial slurs moments earlier.

All of the slurs and racist rhetoric was caught on video. The entire video is in the article we wrote in December, HERE.

Why would these two women (and Kevin Whitt) travel from district to district to promote racist and anti-science ideology?

It’s strange. Right? I wanted to know the same thing, so I asked around. An anonymous source told me also to check a few other school board meetings, specifically Arlington.

Blanca Martinez and Ajua Yvette Mason in Arlington:

Blanca Martinez in Arlington
Ajua Yvette Mason in Arlington

There they were again. While watching the school board meeting from Arlington, I noticed another woman, who I saw in Fort Worth. Meet Kelly Joel:

Kelly Joel in Arlington
Kelly Joel in Fort Worth

There were more Fort Worth speakers in Frisco, but the Frisco ISD School Board cut all public comments off after Kevin Whitt had his outburst and was kicked out. Here is what happened before and after the outburst:

Kevin Whitt in Frisco

According to my source, this is a well-funded and coordinated effort from Citizens for Renewing America. Allegedly, these individuals plus a few unidentified others are paid actors and working on behalf of Citizens for Renewing America. A group of them is traveling from town to town, lying, saying they are residents of that town, and throwing a fit about having equality and diversity in school.

Citizens for Renewing America’s literature and links are on the leaked messages below.

Who is Citizens for Renewing America?

On their website, Citizens for Renewing America, they have three executives listed.

Russ Vought was Donald Trump’s OMB Director. Before Trump’s appointment, Vought worked for the far-right “Conservative think tank” Heritage Action for America. While under the Trump administration, Vought acted in a typical Trump-villain fashion. He designated most of the OMB as at-will employees, threatened to discipline employees for engaging in diversity training, and defunded what Trump thought of as “Democratic cities.

Wade Miller was Chip Roy’s chief of staff and was fired for a series of unhinged and racist tweets last year.

Rachel Semmel was an OMB spokesperson under the Trump administration.

Citizens for Renewing America has been pushing racist literature to Conservative groups and activists to identify components of Critical Race Theory and the way that stops it in schools. However, it’s not Critical Race Theory. Just take a look.

These are leaked screenshots by a Trumper-activist. They are instructing other nutjobs on how to behave and words to use in a School Board Meeting.

There are 1,029 school districts in Texas, and this group is planning on hitting them all.

They plan to attend school board meetings in every school district in Texas, pretend to be local residents, and make a big scene about how they hate Critical Race Theory, but since there isn’t one public school in Texas that is teaching Critical Race Theory, what these people are actually doing is attacking raciual equality.

Like this woman from the Fort Worth ISD meeting who spoke against racial equity in her speech.

That’s the problem with trying to make a Conservative grassroots movement in education. Your grassroots movement won’t know the difference between “Critical Race Theory” and “racial equity.”

In bigger cities, like Fort Worth and Dallas, they probably won’t make headway because there are many educated parents and groups that will be there to stand against these people.

But, when they hit a smaller town, will there be activist parents and educators ready to stand against them?


Last week, an elderly white lady claiming to be an educational expert gave a disgustingly racist speech, seemingly educating school board members and parents on her interpretation of Critical Race Theory. It was obvious within the first minute that she had no idea what Critical Race Theory was, nor has she ever read a Critical Race Theory book in her life. Instead, she spewed white supremacist propaganda and used fear tactics to scare the audience with terms like “abolish the white race” and “eliminate whites.”

Her name is Carole Hornsby Haynes. Although she has no apparent ties with Citizens for Renewing America, her agenda is the same. These people are race-baiters, trying to scare the white folk against anyone seeking equality, diversity, and inclusion.

In a smaller town, like Granbury, there were no educated or diverse parents who attended that meeting to speak out against this propaganda.

Right now, there is a VERY real and well-funded white supremacist effort happening in Texas schools to end racial equality.

If you have children in ANY school district in Texas or you care about the future of our state and our country, this should worry you. Texas is ground zero for the GOP’s culture war, and it’s not just about political affiliation; it’s also about race.

What can you do?

  1. Pay attention to what agenda items your local school board is holding meetings about.
  2. If any meetings are being held about diversity and inclusion, make sure you attend.
  3. Also, if you know your school board will be having a meeting over diversity and inclusion, tell everyone you know so you aren’t fighting alone. Let us know. We’ll help get the word out.
  4. Living Blue in Texas is committed to getting members of the State Board of Education who believe in anti-racism and an anti-racist curriculum. You can help us by going HERE.

The only way to fight against this is for all of us to stand against them.

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