Once Again, Ronny Jackson Spreading Vicious Lies About Democrats

Once Again, Ronny Jackson Spreading Vicious Lies About Democrats

Congressman Ronny Jackson advocated the overthrow of the government, incited violence from the far right, and voted to overturn a lawful election. He had no consequences, so his behavior continues.

(Phone numbers and email addresses to Ronny Jackson’s office AND the ethics committee at the bottom of the article.)

Ronny Jackson is the epitome of an immoral politician who only focuses on self-gain, regardless of the consequences. Immediately following the election, Congressman Jackson was one of the biggest pushers of the big lie. In November, he tweeted daily about how Democrats stole the election, Joe Biden was a socialist, and Communist China was taking over America.

By December, he was openly advocating for overthrowing the government.

After the January 6 Insurrection, where an angry white mob stormed the Capitol in hopes to overthrow the government over their perception of a “stolen election,” Ronny Jackson STILL voted to overturn the election based on lies and fake news.

He was never held responsible.

Congressman Ronny Jackson openly incited violence and attempted to overthrow the people’s will for his own political gain.

Ronny Jackson incited domestic terrorism.

Ronny Jackson played a role in Republican attempts to overturn the people’s will by participating in the rally or the violence that we saw at the Capitol. 

Many of us still don’t understand why people like Ronny Jackson haven’t been arrested for his role in the domestic terrorist incident. Or why he hasn’t been removed from committees or expelled from Congress.

Despite Ronny Jackson’s bullshit call for unity on January 12, he has continued to lie, spread misinformation, and incite violence.

This time he isn’t targeting a Washington D.C. Democrat. This time he is targeting Texas Democrat Beto O’Rourke.

Forget the fact that Congressman Jackson has no obvious moral compass. His lying and completely made-up rhetoric could lead to someone getting hurt.

It is rhetoric like Ronny Jackson’s which caused this incident last week.

Right-wing domestic terrorism is at an all-time high in this country.

Few people deny it. Republicans like Ronny Jackson contribute and participate in it. He is well aware that spreading lies to his unhinged base will put Beto and Democrats in danger at voter registration drives.

Beto O’Rourke has been stumping for Democracy. If Ronny Jackson or any of his empty-minded followers knew how to use the internet, they could easily find ALL of the videos of Beto’s events on his social media pages. At each event, Beto talks about the love of country, the love of democracy, the right to vote, and protecting the constitution.

Everything in Ronny Jackson’s tweet was a lie and not based on any shred of evidence.

And here is how his base responded:

Ronny Jackson is manipulating these angry Qnuts in a state where most domestic terrorists from January 6 came from, weeks after Republicans said anyone and everyone could have a gun without a permit or training.

What you can do right now.

Call or email Congressman Jackson’s office. Let them know how disgusted and appalled you are with his continuing lies and incitement of violence. You can reach Jackson’s office at 202-225-3706.

Report him to the Ethics Committee. His behavior isn’t just unethical; it’s immoral. 202-225-7103 or ethics.comments@mail.house.gov.

Urge him to stop his behavior before someone in Texas is hurt. Tell the Ethics Committee that he is continuing the same behavior he was prior to January 6. We cannot stand for this, anymore.

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