Abbott is Spewing Racism and Moving Even Further to the Extreme Right to Pander to Trump’s Base

Abbott is Spewing Racism and Moving Even Further to the Extreme Right to Pander to Trump’s Base

Press-Release from the Texas Democratic Party

AUSTIN, Texas — Disgraced Texas Gov. Greg Abbott continues to stoke hatred, fuel violence and put Texans in danger by prioritizing Trump’s failed campaign promise — a massive border wall he promised Mexico would pay for  — over the safety and wellbeing of Texans.

Abbott’s political stunt today at the border is one more racist attempt to pander to Donald Trump’s extreme right base at the expense of fellow Texans.

This is not the first instance in which Abbott’s racist actions put Texans in danger. Earlier this month, Abbott referenced a so-called “invasion” to justify issuing a disaster declaration for 34 border counties and reallocating law enforcement personnel and taxpayer money for Trump’s border wall. Abbott’s use of heinous, racist rhetoric is beyond reminiscent of that of the domestic terrorist who massacred 23 Texans in El Paso in 2019.

Abbott’s gubernatorial approval ratings have dropped following February’s winter storm and the massive state power grid failure, as well as the governor’s continued attacks on Texans during the spring legislative session. With the Texas GOP more splintered than ever, it is no surprise that Abbott is seeking support from failed former president Donald Trump and his extreme right-wing base as he desperately attempts to raise his approval ratings. Yet, even Abbott has stooped to a new low by repeating the same rhetoric used by the domestic terrorist and mass murderer who, in his own words, sought to stop the “Hispanic invasion of Texas.”

Texas Democratic Party Chair Gilberto Hinojosa issued the following statement:

“Donald Trump spent four years putting Texans in danger. We all remember when our disgraced former president suggested refugees be shot as they attempted to cross the border. And today, Texas Republicans are spouting that same racist rhetoric and using our South Texas communities as political props to pander to Trump’s dangerously extreme right-wing base.

“Texas Republicans continue to be the biggest public safety threat to Texans. From abandoning us during the winter storm to leaving us to die during COVID-19 to stoking racism and hate across our state, Greg Abbott and Texas Republicans have consistently put Texans in danger. Texans deserve so much better than Abbott’s pathetic political stunt at the border today. Democrats across this state are fighting every single day to get Texans the strong leadership they need and deserve.”

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