TX06 Democrats, Drink The Poison Or Else Trump Wins

TX06 Democrats, Drink The Poison Or Else Trump Wins

While it may be a hard pill for TX06 Democrats to swallow, you HAVE TO vote in the runoff between Jake Ellzey and Susan Wright. If you don’t, Wright could win, which would be a win for Trump.

Let’s be honest; we really screwed up in the special election on May 1. I know, it’s depressing. (I’m also a TX06 resident, so I know.) Democrats had a great opportunity to flip this district and get a Democratic mayor in Arlington, but the left failed to show up on election day. The turnout for the TX06 race was historically low. Now there are two Republicans who are facing a runoff election.

Susan Wright is the Trump pick, who’s promised to run on her husband’s legacy of sedition and treason to democracy, which is why Democrats need to show up and vote against her.

Susan Wright is everything that’s wrong with the Republican Party.

In Ron Wright’s final days before he passed, one of his last acts in Congress was to vote to overturn the election. Wright did this act based on fake news, pure hatred, and the wish of overturning democracy. Susan Wright has repeatedly said that she is running on her husband’s legacy. His legacy? Ron Wright was not a good legislator. He pushed for extremism and refused to speak with or work with his very own constituents. That’s his legacy.

On top of that, the orange one endorsed her. The twice impeached president endorsed her. The most corrupt politician in American history endorsed her. A racist, bigoted, xenophobic jackass endorsed her.

Do you know how bad a person you have to be to get an endorsement from Donald Trump? Think Marjorie Taylor Green, Lauren Bobart, or Ted Cruz.

Haven’t we had enough of that?

Also, anyone who asks Susan Wright questions or points out her dead husband’s legacy is automatically blocked from her Facebook, as I was.

Susan Wright has been telling everyone she’s done so much and is well known in the community.

Initially, we thought she was a liar because no Democrat or non-partisan person has any awareness of her involvement in the community. As it turns out, she’s only a partial-liar because she’s been very involved with Republican activities and far-right groups in the area. Involvement with local GOP organizations is not involved with the community, especially not in Arlington, where the population is only 38% non-Hispanic white.

I know what you’re thinking.

Isn’t a vote against Susan Wright a vote for Jake Ellzey?

Yes. And Jake Ellzey is another far-right Republican who has voted against the values that most TX06 Democrats hold. But, Trump didn’t endorse him, and he isn’t the Trump candidate. We can worry about getting rid of him in 2022.

If Susan Wright wins, it will be a message to the entire country that Trumpism has a home in TX06. While some of our family and neighbors may have joined the Trump Cult, they don’t represent us or our hometowns.

TX06 Democrats need to show up to the polls in this special election as a LOUD message to America. We don’t want Trumpism in our towns. We are NOT OK with sedition. And we REJECT Trump’s brand of hate.

Don’t think about it as a vote for Jake Ellzey, think about it as a vote AGAINST Trump.

The runoff election is July 27, 2021; early voting begins July 19.

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