Two Texarkana Men Graffitied N-Word On Dozens Of Houses And Cars

Two Texarkana Men Graffitied N-Word On Dozens Of Houses And Cars

The two men in the pictured thought it would be funny to spray paint the n-word and penises on dozens of houses and cars in Texarkana.

Taylor Carrell, 22, of Bloomberg, Texas, and Charlie Dillard Jr., 17, of Longview, Texas, were arrested Monday after turning themselves into the Texarkana Texas Police Department. Both suspects were arrested on felony charges of criminal mischief over $2,500 and were released after posting a $30,000 bond. Texarkana police said that charges might increase as the costs of the damage goes up.

These two geniuses apparently thought it was funny to spray paint penises and the n-word all over people’s cars and houses. These did this in Texarkana, Texas, and across the border in Texarkana, Arkansas, in the early morning hours of May 23.

Why weren’t these men charged with a hate crime?

Shawn Vaughn, Texarkana’s Public Information Officer told us today, “The reason why the men weren’t charged with a hate crime is because it didn’t fit the criteria. They spray painted these offensive words and pictures indiscriminately, not knowing the identities or races of the home and car owners.”

While these two idiots didn’t know the races of their victims, unfortunately some of the car and homeowners were people of color.

Officer Vaughn assured us that if these acts of vandalism were targeted towards anyone other than a random act, Texarkana PD wouldn’t have hesitated to charge the men with hate crimes.

But this story has a happy ending.

In Texas, there is a long history of white supremacy and racial violence. There is almost no town in the Lone Star State that doesn’t bear old scars of racism. The graffiti was about so much more than a word.

But the terrible act done by two jackasses brought the community together.

Black and white neighbors cried, hugged, and a very good man with a Power Washing business showed up to wash away the hateful word.

And an incident which started with a word of hate, ended with an act of love.

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