State Rep Valoree Swanson Allegedly Committed Election Fraud

State Rep Valoree Swanson Allegedly Committed Election Fraud

(Pictured above from left to right: Dylan Glass, Lacey Hull, Valoree Swanson, Random Man, and Ashley Burke)

A new series of leaked text messages have bubbled to the surface, implicating Valoree Swanson in Election Fraud.

Less than a week after Valoree Swanson was implicated in a coverup regarding the multiple alleged affairs of Lacey Hull, a new wave of leaked text messages has been circulating in the far-right and alt-right circles. This new batch of leaked group messages not only claims that Swanson has committed election fraud, but they also seem to indicate that the reason Lacey Hull split ways with her campaign manager. These texts show that Swanson wanted Lacey Hull’s campaign manager fired was for speaking out against now-ousted, racist Harris County Republican Party Chair Keith Nielsen.

Ashley Burke was Lacey Hull’s campaign manager and best friend. During Hull’s campaign, they parted ways. Last week Burke went on the record with the Texas Scorecard regarding Hull’s affairs and Swanson’s threats and misuse of power in an attempt to cover up said affairs. Shortly after, a slew of text messages was leaked on an alt-right website showing Hull’s character.

In those text messages, Hull used anti-gay slurs, spoke about how Paul Bettencourt and Dan Patrick looked, said she wanted to punch Bettencourt in the face, and made references to Dade Phelan’s sexual preferences.

Yeah, it was ugly. If you missed it, you can find it here.

It was naive of us to think there weren’t more text messages.

We were made aware of these text messages today, making the rounds in Republican groups. We reached out to one of the parties in these messages, and they confirmed their validity.

The new leaked messages were a conversation between Lacey Hull, Ashley Burke, and others, and it was all about Valoree Swanson.

Valoree Swanson’s entire political career is based on her hatred for every non-white, non-male, non-cisgender person in Texas.

Swanson has been one of the Republicans sitting on the election committee, pushing the racist Jim Crow-style voter suppression bills under the guise of “voter fraud.” She has also been instrumental in this session in the GOP’s attacks on the LGBTQ community. Not to mention all of the anti-abortion bills she filed.

It’s ironic considering what has been exposed about her over the last week. Someone recently told me that Republicans are stuck on this voter fraud lie because of their own corruption.

What do the newest leaked text messages say?

After mentioning how Valoree Swanson wanted Lacey Hull to fire her campaign manager for speaking out against racist Harris County GOP chair, Lacey Hull lays into how they feel about Swanson.

She called Swanson condescending and manipulative. Hull also called Swanson a “cunt.”

For the record, “cunt” is a misogynistic word used to oppress and demean women. We strongly condemn Hull’s use of the word towards another woman. That being said, we absolutely agree with Hull’s sentiment that Valoree Swanson is an awful person.

This conversation insinuates that Swanson was one of the Harris County GOP backing Keith Nielsen after posting an MLK quote with a banana. That would imply that Swanson is a possible racist. Add that in conjunction with her favorable stance on the racist Jim Crow-style voter suppression bills. What conclusion would you draw from that?

Then the messages go on to say that aside from TLR (Texas Lawsuit Reform), Valoree Swanson was Lacey Hull’s biggest contributor. The money Swanson gave Hull wasn’t her own money, but the money that others gave Swanson’s campaign.

One of the people in the text messages even said, “Don’t tel (sic) anyone else that bc it’s illegal.

It’s election fraud.

According to Texas Election Code, Title 15, Valoree Swanson broke the law and committed a Class C misdemeanor. By knowingly accepting these contributions, Lacey Hull also broke the law, committing a Class A misdemeanor.

Aside from being obviously illegal, it’s also unethical. However, in 2021, there aren’t many left who argue the GOP is the party of morality and goodness.

Republicans have turned their backs on Hull and Swanson.

I reached out to Harris County conservative political activist Dylan Glass, someone close to Hull’s campaign. He was hesitant to speak with me because Living Blue in Texas is a “Democratic website,” but then said he would go on record about what he knew because he didn’t “believe these individuals are representative of our Party and will be primaried out.”

During our conversation, Glass repeated several times how he was compelled to reply to us following the false smears he heard towards Ashley Burke’s truthful account. He also told me about a story when Burke called him enraged shortly after this incident. He said he was talking to me because “It is the right thing to do.”

Glass said Swanson called him, along with her daughter Erin Holley, after Hull first released a statement condemning Keith’s actions. Swanson told him that Don Hooper was furious. Glass stated that Lacey was provided an ultimatum.

“We will blame your condemnation of Keith on Ashley (Burke) and get rid of her.”

Glass was surprised to be the one to inform Swanson that Congressman Crenshaw and other high profile elected officials had followed suit the morning after in condemning Keith Neilsen.

Is it just me, or does anyone else hear this song in their head hearing about all of the stuff Valoree Swanson has done:

What now?

Just as Hull’s husband waited until election day to file for the divorce and as Swanson jumped through hoops to cover it up, there seems to be nothing that these Republican women won’t do to cover up any signs of wrongdoing.

As we’re all learning of the depths of sheer corruption emanating from Harris County Republicans, we assume that someone might have already had the foresight to file an ethics complaint. However, if you’d like to take the time to report said Election Fraud so it can be investigated, HERE is the link.

You should call your elected officials and let them know how appalled you are that Representative Valoree Swanson and Representative Lacey Hull partook in illegal election activities and think the Texas House of Representatives should censure them or some other type of punishment that they see fit. If you’re unsure who your Representative is, GO HERE.

If you are a constituent of either Valoree Swanson or Lacey Hull, you should call them and demand their immediate resignation.

  • Representative Valoree Swanson (512) 463-0572
  • Representative Lacey Hull (512) 463-0727

Living Blue in Texas is calling for the immediate resignation of both Valoree Swanson and Lacey Hull.

Texas, we deserve better.

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