Pete Sessions Used Racist Tropes In Hearing About White Supremacy

Pete Sessions Used Racist Tropes In Hearing About White Supremacy

Congressman Pete Sessions is an embarrassment to Texas. He should be ashamed of himself.

Our society is decaying from the grips of the old white men in America who hold on to white supremacy as if it was their last dying breath. What we have all been witnessing in all levels of government is a racist backlash over social justice. As many times in history, we’ve seen this same behavior from our society. It shouldn’t surprise us. The Subcommittee on Civil Rights and Civil Liberties held a hearing over Confronting Violent White Supremacy – Examining the Rise of Militia Extremism. Pete Sessions, along with the other Republicans in that hearing, used racist tropes, lied about reality, and deflected from the problems happening in his own backyard.

Texas Republicans would do all of us a favor if they just shut up and slithered away. Very few days go by where our elected officials don’t embarrass Texas or make Texas look bad, which Congressman Sessions did yesterday.

Pete Sessions Opening Statement

Pete Sessions is the ranking member of this committee, and although the hearing was supposed to be over ‘white supremacy,’ listen to what he said.

“Look like today we realize Black Lives Matter and Antifa are not the only sources of political violence.”

That was his opening sentence in a hearing about white supremacy.

While I’m sure, everyone knows this by now, here is a reminder from the Washington Post about how last year, racial justice protests were overwhelmingly peaceful. And another reminder from USA Today. The lies about Black people seeking racial justice being violent have been debunked so many times that anyone who still believes that is either too intellectually lazy to research the subject or too racist to admit the movement has been largely peaceful.

Sessions said that the “political angle” of the Black Lives Matter movement is disturbing to him and law enforcement. The political angle? The “political angle” of the movement is to stop state-sanctioned murders, stop police from repeatedly killing, and for racial justice in all government systems. Pete Sessions is disturbed that Black people want their constitutional rights and to be treated fairly.

“Being part of this, whether you’re in Black Lives Matter or Antifa; whether you’re in Portland, Oregon or Minnesota. Or whether you’re in the United States Capitol. This is a problem to our country.”

In a hearing over violent white supremacy, Pete Sessions basically blamed Black people in Portland.

Congressman Sessions is from Texas, and the level of white supremacy, militia extremism, and political violence going on in his own backyard is worse than almost anywhere else in the country. During this hearing, he never brought up the domestic terrorists home-grown in Texas. Wonder why that is.

Racial Violence by Militia Groups in Weatherford

Sessions didn’t bring up the extreme racial violence inflicted on Black communities last year in Weatherford.

He was quiet about the racial violence at the Alamo last June from white militia members.

Sessions didn’t bring up how armed white militia members confronted peaceful Black protesters in Gainesville or how local law enforcement was in cahoots with them.

Pete Sessions forgot all about the Trump Train in New Braunfels, who have also organized racial violence and terror in their community.

Why is Pete Sessions more concerned with lies he heard about Portland than actual racial violence happening in his own backyard?

Congressman Sessions’ district is in Central Texas. Central Texas is the biggest hotbed for racial extremists and white militias. There are MANY in his district alone.

He must have forgotten that more arrests from the January 6th incident came from Texas than any other state. Some of those arrests were members of the Texas Republican Party.

Racism and white supremacy are alive in Texas, as seen in the Texas 87th Legislature, which will wrap up in days from now. Over the last year, these white militias terrorized communities all over the state of Texas.

It’s curious why in a congressional hearing regarding white supremacy and militia extremism, a severe problem in Texas, Pete Sessions would want to talk about his perceived problem with Black people in places other than Texas.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz calls Pete Sessions comments inappropriate

Pete Sessions’ comments were offensive, inappropriate, and appeared to be based on racism.

Thankfully there were congress member who had actual sense during this committee hearing, who recognized what Sessions and other Republicans were doing.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz called Sessions’ comments inappropriate. Robin Kelly called Sessions’ comments insulting. Ayanna Pressley called Pete Sessions’ comments deeply offensive and inaccurate. Rashida Talib said Pete Sessions and other Republicans in that hearing were upholding white supremacy with their rhetoric.

Robin Kelly called Sessions’ comments insulting
Ayanna Pressley called Pete Sessions’ comments deeply offensive and inaccurate
Rashida Talib said Pete Sessions and other Republicans in that hearing were upholding white supremacy with their rhetoric

They were all right. In a hearing about white supremacy, Pete Sessions used whataboutism to talk about Black Lives Matter in Portland was inappropriate, insulting, offensive, and upheld white supremacy in itself.

But, let’s be honest. Pete Sessions has a long history of hate and racism.

Like in 2015, when he said ethnic differences had created chaos in America. Or the multiple racist remarks he made in interviews in 2010. Or in 2018, when he used racist rhetoric to attack Collin Allred.

Let’s not forget the time Pete Sessions bragged about an endorsement from well-known racist Ted Nugent.

Can someone please explain to me why the fuck Pete Sessions is on the Subcommittee on Civil Rights and Civil Liberties?

Based on all of Congressman Sessions’ previous activities and repetitious rhetoric he’s used over the last two decades, is there anyone in Texas who doubts Pete Sessions holds white supremacist ideology?

Perhaps it was his own ideology that compelled him to deflect from the ENTIRE purpose of the hearing on white supremacy to point fingers at Black Americans asking for racial justice.

If Sessions’ long history with racism wasn’t enough to keep him off of that committee, then what about his involvement with January 6th?

Pete Sessions, just like so many other of our failed Republican officials, spread the big lie. He encouraged the insurrection. Sessions is just as responsible as Donald Trump or Ted Cruz.

Perhaps knowing that his lies and rhetoric contributed to an insurrection on this country compelled him to deflect from the entire purpose of the hearing.

Why is Pete Sessions on the Subcommittee on Civil Rights and Civil Liberties?

Pete Sessions’ place on that subcommittee is a perfect example of why in 2021, we’re still dealing with systematic racism in America. His place on that subcommittee is a perfect example of why Congress is not taking domestic terrorism seriously.

Pete Sessions hyper-focus on Black Lives Matter during hearing about white supremacy

On top of all of that, let’s not forget how Pete Sessions tried to overturn the 2020 election without evidence or reason.

Pete Sessions isn’t one of the good guys.

How did he get elected?

Gerrymandering, voter suppression, and electoral ignorance.

Over 171,000 people voted for Pete Sessions. It would be hard to believe that all of those people support his racist rhetoric and ideology.

Make sure you call him and let him know how disgusting and appalling his behavior in that subcommittee was yesterday.

More so, if you have been a victim or witness to the dozens of racially fueled violent incidents perpetrated by white militia in Texas, CALL him and tell him about it.

That way, when all of this comes back to bite him in the 2022 election, he won’t be able to feign ignorance.

TX-17 Pete Sessions

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