A Call To Action From Jessica Luther-Rummel

A Call To Action From Jessica Luther-Rummel

CALL TO ACTION – Defund Racist Killer KKKop’s GoFundMe

My name is Jessica. I’m a community organizer, anti-racist activist, and scholar working to dismantle white supremacist culture based out of Denton, Texas and I have an URGENT campaign of national significance that needs help.

Surely you saw last week’s national headlines about the racist KKKop Nate Silvester of Bellevue, ID who gained fame for his TikTok skit mocking Lebron James and joking about police killings of black people. To make matters worse, this cop was himself involved in a questionable 2009 shooting wherein he and three other officers fired TWENTY ROUNDS into a man in a parking lot which sent stray bullets into nearby cars, some never even accounted for. In case you are not aware of his recent publicity, you can reference the article linked here

I have been chronicling this racist’s antics on TikTok for a while now, making compilations and exposing him on YouTube. While the video he made referencing Lebron got him headlines, that skit was (unfortunately) the least of his vile content. For instance, he made a parody in uniform while in his cruiser using audio from a Ku Klux Klan scene from the movie Django Unchained wherein Officer Silvester quotes the part of a plantation owner who is also the head of the local Klan in the film. Yeah, he was basically reenacting a Klan scene in uniform! You can see my exposure to his Tiktok performance here.

You can also watch my full exposure of Officer Silvester’s racism in this 12 minute YouTube compilation which explains the full breadth of his corrupt and racist nature here

NOW to the part where you can help!
Officer Silvester was suspended from duty for his Tiktok antics and placed under investigation. As a result, he started a Gofundme campaign and has made nearly HALF A MILLION DOLLARS in a week! Not only is he getting rich off of his racist antics glorifying police brutality while in uniform and on duty, but now he is pledging to start a non-profit with the funds to support other racist cops like him who are held accountable for their behavior! This is highly concerning considering that he even made videos calling on sympathy and support for the officer who killed Daunte Wright!

My hope, however, is that with enough public pressure, GoFundMe will refund and remove the campaign which is not only in violation of the platform’s own Terms of Service (see details in my petition) but also out of sync with the company’s own “Supporting Justice + Equality” campaign launched in the weeks following George Floyd’s murder, along with a statement from CEO Tim Cadogen who said:

“The issues people are voicing are deep-rooted and require meaningful change. We understand that to drive the change we must get involved and take action. To help drive that change, today we’ve created the Justice + Equality Fund to support organizations and people that are dedicated to addressing both urgent needs and systemic problems… We are committed to a sustained effort to create change and look forward to working with you to help our society become more equitable.”

SO, here is how you and your organization can help:

My petition needs signatures! I need to get the above information along with a call to action to disseminate the petition to as many anti-racist activists as possible in order to mount the kind of public pressure necessary for GoFundMe to refund the donations and pull the campaign!

If your organization could use its networking resources (social media, email lists, text groups, etc) to call out GFM’s support for this officer and his aims to protect and help other officers like him, along with calls to action to sign the petition, this could also make a huge impact!

Additionally, there are plenty of other fundraising platforms that anti-racists can and should use. I raised upwards of $80,000 on the platform last year for various endeavors but I am pulling all of my campaigns this week. You and your organization could release a public statement pledging to do the same, should Gofundme maintain its silent complicit support of this overtly racist campaign. A collective pledge from organizations, non-profits, and activists at a national level to hold this corporation accountable to their own pledge to support anti-racist reforms by refusing to support their gaslit profiteering off of our nation’s legacy of klannish policing would make a huge impact.

My petition has gained nearly 3,000 signatures across the country in its first 24 hours. Together, I am certain that we can hold GFM accountable for their willingness to host and PROFIT off of this officer’s blatant racism which is sure to lead to more loss of life.

Please sign, SHARE, and support my petition here.

Thank you in advance for any support.

In Solidarity,
Jessica Luther Rummel
Twitter|TikTok|Instagram: @kali_ma_tx
Facebook: @KaliMaaTX

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