Election Night Was A Disaster For Arlington Democrats

Election Night Was A Disaster For Arlington Democrats

Arlington Democrats had a good shot at carrying District Six, flipping the district, and getting a good mayor. But when election day came, they decided to stay home.

Arlington Democrats stayed home during the special election for congressional district six and mayoral race, leaving Arlington with a clump of extremists candidates who will likely not do any of us any favors when in office. There are other areas, which had a bad night, like Southlake. Some municipal races went favorably for Democrats. The reason this wents so bad for Arlington is because it wasn’t just municipal races. It was also a Congress seat.

Due to the severity of gerrymandering in TX06, all Arlington Democrats would have to do to win is show up. District six encompasses Tarrant, Ellis, and Navarro Counties. Bur here’s the number of people that voted in 2020, for each, just in District 6:

  • Tarrant County: 236,953
  • Ellis County: 84,137
  • Navarro County: 18,902

Due to the fact, the small little part of Tarrant County, which lies in District Six, has substantially more people than Ellis and Navarro combined.

Because the Republicans have lost Tarrant County for TX06 in every election, all Democrats had to do was show up. On top of that, Arlington had a bigger municipal race happening than any other city in TX06.

What happened?

For the TX06 special election here is how people showed up:

  • Tarrant County: 52,752
  • Ellis County: 20,917
  • Navarro County: 4,705

There were a total of 23 people who ran for these congressional seats, 10 of them were Democrats. It spread the votes a lot thinner than it needed to be.

Some of these candidates should have backed off when it became obvious they didn’t have a chance, which was really early on.

Daryl Eddings, Matt Hinterlong, Patrick Moses, Manuel Salazar, Brian Stephenson, and Chris Suprun all siphoned away nearly 3,500 votes away from the candidate pool in Tarrant County alone. All of these candidates were unknown, unfunded, and moderates who didn’t stand a chance. It’s possible a few of them were even Republican plants.

Jana Sanchez lacked only 354 votes she would have needed to make it to the runoff.

Instead, going to runoff is the two worst Republican picks. Susan Wright and Jake Ellzey. Both awful candidates.

Susan Wright has no platform or political experience. She is only running on her “husband’s legacy,” which she has said multiple times. Jake Ellzey is a far-right extremist who touts views of bigotry and oppression.

Either way, TX06 will be worse off.

The light at the end of the tunnel is TX06 will have another election in 2022, which Democrats can win if the Democrats in Arlington show up.

Due to the huge population difference between Arlington and the rest of this district, Democrats should carry a win in TX06. Again, all they have to do is show up.

Arlington mayoral race.

Although the total vote for Tarrant County TX06 was 52,752, only 31,132 voted in Arlington municipal election. Two Republicans are going to a runoff for the mayor’s seat in Arlington, as well. Jim Ross and Michael Glaspie.

Jim Ross is the big business candidate and will be a repeat of Jeff Williams. If Ross wins, all of Arlington’s money and development will be poured into the Entertainment District, while South Arlington and East Arlington remain to get the brunt of the stick.

The True Texas Project, AKA the NE Tarrant Tea Party, endorsed Michael Glaspie.

Any candidate endorsed by the Tea Party will likely not share any views or stances held by most Democrats. Arlington’s population is 400,000. Most of Arlington votes for Democrats. Biden won here in 2020. It’s safe to assume that the majority of Arlington wants to progress. But now, it’s looking like two runoffs between four Republicans who won’t do much to push Arlington forward (unless you’re a big business).

Elections have consequences.

In Arlington and Tarrant County, the consequences for Democrats not showing up to vote will affect them for the next few years to come. Hopefully, this will be something Democrats learn from and push harder next time to make the changes in their lives that they want.

Vote. Vote in every single election. Elected officials from city hall to Washington D.C. make decisions that affect your everyday life. If you don’t pick the elected officials that best represents your values, then you’ll find your representatives working against you.

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