What in the KKK is Going On in New Braunfels?

What in the KKK is Going On in New Braunfels?

Many local activists remember the protest in June of 2020 in downtown New Braunfels after George Floyd’s death. 

If you missed it, an armed faction of counter-protesters, united with Trump 2020 and Blue Lives Matter flags, gathered across the street yelling racial slurs and heckling supporters of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Even before the murder of Daunte Wright on April 11, 2021, local Facebook groups were rumbling with posts from white supremacists, encouraging local participation in racist rallies and militias.

The recent murder of Duante Wright in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, has once again ignited New Braunfels’ racists. 

A peaceful protest against police brutality has been planned for Saturday, April 24, 2021.

Unsurprisingly, the local conservative Facebook groups responded accordingly.

Of interest was a response by Tiffany L. Cross, who confirmed that John Anderson, aka Casey Bonelli Kennedy, would be in attendance at the counter-protest.  Casey Kennedy made a splash last summer when he posted pictures of 4 Black men on the local Trump Train page, threatening & encouraging violence to thousands of Trump supporters. 

Kennedy may have changed his Facebook profile, but he continues to attend local events, proclaims to be a proud member of the Three Percenters, and is good friends with Trump Train leader Kevin Robles, who is now running for New Braunfels City Council. 

If you plan on participating in the peaceful protest planned on April 24th, please be on the lookout for these local white supremacist groups. 

Racism continues to have a strong presence in this small city located in Texas’s beautiful Hill Country. 

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