It’s Time To Talk About Susan Wright

It’s Time To Talk About Susan Wright

Susan Wright is a grieving widow and a victim full of empty rhetoric. She’s wrong for Texas and wrong for District Six.

Living Blue in Texas has never coiled away from telling our readers the truth, especially when it comes to Republicans. Susan Wright just lost her husband of like 50-something years, which is sad. She’s a grieving widow, and many media outlets are walking on eggshells when it comes to covering her in this election. No one wants to tell the truth because they all feel sorry for her. This is what she is running on, and betting will win her the election.

Sadly, Wright lost her husband and partner, but that doesn’t make her a leader, and it doesn’t make her congressional material. Today, Living Blue in Texas is biting the bullet that so many other North Texas media outlets have been scared to do, and we’re going to have to lay some truth out there.

The TRUTH about the Wrights and Arlington.

Susan Wright and her husband, before he passed, both have bragged about how involved they were in Arlington, how they loved the town, and they were well-loved.

The truth is that Ron Wright LOST Arlington in every election he ran; he lost all of Tarrant County.

Here are the election results from 2020:

And from 2018:

Ron Wright was unpopular in Tarrant County. He won in 2018 and 2020 because Congressional District six is severely gerrymandered.

Ellis County 2020 results:

Navarro County 2020 results:

Ron Wright wasn’t able to win Tarrant County, and Susan Wright won’t win it, either. She’ll be relying on the Republican votes from Ellis and Navarro.

Who is Susan Wright, anyway?

Does anyone know anything about her, other than she’s the widow of an unpopular congressman who recently passed away? The United States Congress is a big deal and a serious position. We should expect our congressperson to have some type of political experience.

In a recent interview, when asked who she was and why she was interested in running for office, she said she was a grandma with lots of dogs, and in the 80s, she was the president of a homeowner’s association. While none of these qualities are bad, they also aren’t congressional resume qualities.

In fact, I spent hours looking high and low for anything about Susan Wright’s past or things she might have been involved in on a local level, and my search yielded no results. It is almost as if she was a ghost before Congressman Wright’s death.

Yet, according to recent polls, she’s leading the Republicans in this special election. Why?

Does Susan Wright even have a platform?

I tried to go to her website so that I could read her positions. However, her website has been compromised. Seriously, please don’t go to her website. If you do, you will be putting your computer or phone at risk.

Learning about her platform from her website is out. I went to her Facebook and Twitter pages. The vast majority of what she posts is her endorsements.

At this point, unless someone in District 6 has had a direct conversation with Susan Wright, NO ONE knows her positions and where she stands on things. Other than the one interview I found, there is no audio or video of Susan Wright during this campaign or previous to it.

From Wright’s own words, she didn’t even want to run for congress, but she was talked into it…. one week after her husband’s death.

In this interview she did, she did give away one of her positions. She’s concerned about immigrants at the border.

The border is nearly 500 miles away from District 6. Why the hell would she be more concerned about the situation at the border than the VERY REAL issues facing District 6?

Susan Wright literally doesn’t have a platform.

Why is Susan Wright running for Congress?

As she has said herself, she’s running to continue her husband, the late Ron Wright’s legacy.

Now you know why no other North Texas media outlet is touching this because no one wants to be the asshole that bashes the dead guy.

However, if Susan Wright is running on Ron Wright’s legacy alone to win this election, we must talk about Ron Wright’s legacy.

And if we’re speaking about Ron Wright’s legacy, we need to talk about how one of his last actions was to vote to overturn the election after contributing to the BIG LIE.

Ron Wright, along with dozens of other congresspeople, committed sedition. Ron Wright died a traitor to this county. THIS is the legacy that Susan Wright is running on.

District 6 Democrats need to turn out, like never before.

Susan Wright is the GOP front-runner in this race, which means it will probably be her that goes to runoff and one Democrat. If she wins, District 6 will face more of the same results over the last four years. Ron Wright had a far-right voting record and continuously voted to take away women, minorities, and LGBTQ rights. He voted against environmental protection, healthcare, and well-funded education.

I live in District 6, and I can tell you from my very own experiences, Ron Wright did absolutely nothing for the community here. Then, on his way out of the door, he tried to undo the very fabric of democracy. We don’t need more of the same.

Make sure you vote, vote Democrat, vote against Susan Wright, vote against Trumpism, and help make our community a better place.

Early voting starts April 19th. Election day is May 1st. Make a plan. VOTE!

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