If It Looks Like Southlake Racists And Klux Like Southlake Racists

If It Looks Like Southlake Racists And Klux Like Southlake Racists

Tarrant County Democratic Party posted the above picture on their Twitter account, a backlash ensued, and TCDP was accused of making a blanket statement without evidence.

The drama with the Southlake racists continues as they try to place candidates in their city government who are anti-equality, anti-inclusive, and anti-American. On Monday, two Southlake ISD members were arrested for violating the open meetings act. Over the weekend, a volunteer with Tarrant County Democratic Party posted the above picture on the official TCDP Twitter account.

Then, Southlake families put out this statement, and apparently, the heat got turned up towards TCDP, they deleted their post, and Chairwoman People put out this statement:

We understand why Chairwoman People put out that statement. There were no receipts. Without receipts, it just becomes an accusation. If you missed it and want to know more about the background story, see the article we wrote in January, “Well-Funded Pro-Racists In Southlake Fighting To Keep Racism In Schools.”

Too bad for the Southlake racists, Living Blue in Texas has got the receipts.

First, let’s look at what John Huffman, candidate for Southlake mayor, put out regarding the tweet.

  • Huffman called it gutter politics.

Gutter politics?” Interesting use of the term. Considering John Huffman himself uses gutter politics.

  • “I will not stand for the lying, inflammatory and divisive rhetoric.” (Without an Oxford comma)
  • There are voices whose sole focus is tearing Southlake down.
  • “They want to hurt and defame and destroy.”
  • “Smeared by hateful leftists as racist.”
  • “That kind of rhetoric isn’t welcome in Southlake anymore.”

The Southlake Families PAC is a racist organization. They have been fighting against inclusiveness to keep the culture of white supremacy alive in Southlake.

They have been backing the above five candidates. But just because a racist PAC backs a candidate doesn’t necessarily mean the candidate aligns with their same racist values. Does it?

Receipts of John Huffman’s racist rhetoric and participation.

First off, he donated $500 directly to the racist Southlake Families PAC.

So, we’re clear, not only does the Southlake Families PAC back John Huffman, but John Huffman backs the Southlake Families PAC. That alone should be proof enough that he is wrong for Southlake’s people, especially if they are Black or brown. If you share the ideals of a racist PAC, doesn’t that make you racist?

Then, there was the statement he put out last August regarding CCAP (Cultural Competence Action Plan).

Here is what CCAP is:

  • Publicly condemn police brutality, recognize and denounce the individual and systemic racism in Southlake, and unequivocally state that “Black lives matter.”
  • Ban all white supremacist (including confederate, neo-Nazi, “white power,” and racist) imagery in any form on school property.
  • Ensure that Black-led student organizations exist and are provided ample support and funding by faculty and administration.
  • Implement and enforce a “zero-tolerance” policy for racism and discrimination in the CISD Student Handbook and Code of Conduct. Furthermore, codify student repercussions for racism.
  • And more, you can read here.

All of these things are extremely reasonable.

Over the last year, hundreds of current and ex-students from Carroll-Southlake ISD have come out and shared their experiences of racism in Southlake. Besides that, Southlake has had three separate highly-publicized incidents in the last few years of students saying racist things on social media.

Racism is a huge problem in Southlake schools. Black and brown children are endlessly targeted for racial bullying and racial harassment.

In John Huffman’s post about CCAP, he basically said there are too many other things going on to stop racism against school-age children. Perhaps that’s not a racist statement, but more so a declaration of white privilege. Huffman doesn’t understand what it’s like to go to school every day and be called an n-word while spit on, harassed, and bullied. If he did understand what it was like, he would know how ending the culture of white supremacy in Southlake should be a priority for the safety and wellbeing of all Southlake children, even the Black and brown ones.

If elected mayor, would John Huffman prioritize the safety and well being of BIPOC children in Southlake?

What about the LGBTQ+ students? In his statement, he also says, “It promotes a view of LGBTQ politics that is not shared by many in Southlake.”

What does that mean?

According to CCAP, they would establish a focus group for LGBTQ students to discuss topics important to their group. It would also provide opportunities for LGBTQ students to be included, provide feedback, and have a voice.

So, John Huffman is saying that many in Southlake doesn’t share those ideals, and therefore the LGBTQ youth of Southlake should not be included, have a voice, and go to school safely without harassment. That might not be a racist opinion, but it is definitely a bigoted one.

He concluded his statement by telling parents to teach their kids love and inclusion at home. However, if that were a possible outcome of the severity of racism that plagues Southlake, we wouldn’t be where we are now.

Here is John Huffman pictured with Beth Van Duyne, racist Congresswoman.

This picture actually came from Van Duyne’s own Facebook, and ironically John Huffman was the only person she tagged.

Van Duyne also has a long history of racism, which we documented HERE. We also wrote about how she was the most racist person elected last November. Hindsight being 20/20, though, there are other Republicans who have shown themselves to be equally racist since then.

As it turns out, John Huffman doesn’t even have kids in CISD, nor has he ever. He doesn’t want his tax dollar to be spent on ending white supremacy in the classroom.

What about the rest of them?

Dr. Randy Robbins is running for City Council, Place 2. Here are a few screenshots from his social media account. You be the judge.

In his Thanksgiving message, he said, “we can depend on our fellow neighbors and patriots to stand side by side and fight for our freedoms.” Although we all know that ‘patriot’ is supposed to be someone who loves their country, ever since Trumpers, Oath Keepers, and 3%ers claimed the word as their own, calling yourself a patriot is almost like saying you are just like them. And they’re all racist. Then, he said We the silent majority of Conservative Christians have to stand up and fight a socialist take over.”

Did you cringe? We all know that other elected Republican officials who have expressed racist ideas or introduced racist legislation have said those same words, but that doesn’t mean Dr. Robbins is a racist.

In June 2020, he backhandedly called Clay Jenkins stupid, said Judge Jenkins was a “raging Democrat” who wants to stop people from making a living, and then used QAnon lingo, saying, “there’s a storm brewing.”

He seems nice.

Like other typical Republicans, Dr. Robbins is overly obsessed and fearful of socialism. Surprisingly, since he’s well educated, most Republicans can’t even define socialism. I wonder if Dr. Robbins can? Someone should ask him at his next town hall or forum. He said, “We as Conservatives are not going to riot, loot, or destroy American cities or businesses.” An insinuation that Democrats will? In his defense, he wrote that before the January 6th Insurrection.

Then, in October 2020, he pleaded the case for Trump, called Trump’s racism “meanness,” and urged his fellow voters to see past that and vote for him anyway. In the same post, he also told his Facebook friends to vote for Beth Van Duyne. Yes, the same Beth Van Duyne we called the most racist Congressperson in Texas (but really, she’s just in the top five).

Cam Bryan and Hanna Smith.

These are the two candidates running for Carroll ISD. They participated in a candidate forum with Southlake Republican Club just a few days ago. We’ve clipped the parts about racism and CCAP; you can see the entire video here.

Neither one of them was willing to admit that Southlake has a problem with racism; Smith even said it is the same as anywhere else. Both of them emphatically stated they do not support CCAP.

Then Bryan labeled himself as “socially conservative.”

WTF? I don’t think I have ever heard someone say that out loud before. What does that even mean? Wikipedia says it means he’s a far-right extremist. Yeah, I know, it’s Wikipedia, but what other websites can I find information on “social Conservatism?” The Daily Storm? 8chan?

Bryan’s solution to ending white supremacy in Southlake schools is cracking down on bullying, which wouldn’t solve any of the problems of inclusiveness or racism in curriculums. Maybe he doesn’t understand what racism is.

Smith didn’t suggest how to end white supremacy. Instead, she insinuates that racism in Southlake schools doesn’t exist because minority children have average grades. Then she said she thought it was unconstitutional because it infringed on student’s first amendment rights. First amendment rights to do what? Be racist? Perhaps, she doesn’t understand what racism is, either.

Amy Torres-Lepp.

Here is Amy Torres-Lepp during a candidate forum yesterday. You can see the entire video here. The question was, “People in Southlake have said that racism is real here. Do you agree with this? If so, how will you unite our community?”

Within five seconds of speaking, she pivoted to make it about herself and let everyone know that she isn’t a racist.

Her voice cracked, and she said, “I’ve never been called that before. Just because I’m white doesn’t make me a racist. In fact, I love everyone.” She then went on to say, “to make a blanket statement that because I’m white, I’m racist, that’s not going to solve it.”

For clarity, she spoke about the TCDP tweet, which said that she was racist because she was backed by the racist PAC, Southlake families and had nothing to do with her being white.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is what you call white fragility.

If it looks like Southlake racists, and Klux like Southlake racists….

It just might be white privilege, white fragility, and white denialism.

We have already endorsed our municipal candidates and had no plans on endorsing anyone from Southlake. However, we strongly suggest that if you are a Southlake voter, to vote against these candidates.

While we think that the volunteer at TCDP who posted the tweet could have used better wording, (like, “Racist Southlake Families PAC backs these candidates”), we agree with the point they were trying to make.

The point wasn’t that these candidates are racist, but they have each shown a disconnect from what it means to be a person of color in Southlake. CCAP is desperately needed in Southlake, and their words and behaviors only prove that. Racism isn’t just about having seething hatred, it’s also about not making your Black and brown neighbors, community members, and students feel uncomfortable and unsafe.

None of these candidates have shown themselves to even understand the problem, let alone solve it.

Early voting begins April 19. Election day is May 1. Make a plan and VOTE!

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