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Republican Sex Scandal Exposed And Texts With Hate Speech Leaked

Five months after Living Blue TX broke a story about the alleged affair between State Reps Lacey Hull and Cole Hefner, new sources and leaked texts hit Republican media.

You may or may not remember, back in December, Living Blue in Texas published “HD138 Rep-Elect Lacey Hull’s Husband Files For Divorce: Alleged Adultery.” Rumors surrounding an affair between Hull and Hefner started before the election last year. Her husband filed for a divorce ON election day, and the divorce papers stated it was because of alleged adultery. At the time, we also reported some unconfirmed rumors that State Rep Valoree Swanson had ties in the Harris County Courthouse and may have tried to cover up the divorce.

Today, two far-right Republican media outlets in Texas both dropped stories about the situation. The oil billionaire-backed Texas Scorecard and the alt-right Current Revolt each published some highly shocking details to this story. Lacey Hull’s campaign manager went on record, on the Texas Scorecard, and spilled all the tea about the affair. The Texas Scorecard also shed some new light on Valoree Swanson’s cover-up attempt. Aside from that, the Current Revolt published leaked group text messages with Lacey Hull bashing multiple elected officials and using an anti-LBGTQ slur.

Living Blue in Texas does not support slut shaming.

Lacey Hull is a grown woman and whatever she does in her own bedroom should be her own business. If she wants to fornicate with 100 people a night, that’s her business.

This is Lacey Hull’s first term as the elected Representative of House District 138 and likely her last. Let’s talk about what she’s signed on to since she’s been in Austin.

Lacey Hull has been leaning all the way to the right, along party lines, in efforts to hurt and suppress Texans.

It’s hypocritical of Hull to do so much to hurt nearly every group of people in Texas, except for cisgender white men. Cole Hefner is worse. As you can probably guess, Hefner, authored many of the same “Republican wish list” bills. On top of that, Hefner was the person who authored HB2713, making it illegal for municipalities to remove Jim Crow relics in their cities and counties.

You’re probably thinking, “Duh, Republicans are racist bigots and the party of oppression.” You’re right, but all this shows is that these people have no moral compass and they do the things that they do, not because of a sense of moral superiority, but out of hate and control.

So, what did the leaked group messages say?

The leaked group messages posted on Current Revolt are just…wow.

Take a look.

She called Speaker of the House Dade Phelan a “cock sucker” and a “fucking psycho.”

She referred to Dan Patrick as “Lt. Dan” (a reference to Forrest Gump) and called him a “transvestite.”

Living Blue in Texas does not condone Lacy Hull’s attempts to out Speaker Phelan or use Dan Patrick’s appearance to make fun of, or her use anti-trans hate.

Dade Phelan and Dan Patrick are awful, they are bad for Texas, and we disagree with them on nearly every political position. We don’t care about how they look or what they do in their bedrooms. There are a lot of gay elected Republicans in the closet or who have gone through conversion therapy. This is a well-known thing in Austin.

It gets worse.

Apparently, Lacey Hull calls Paul Bettencourt “jizz pants” because “he looks like the type of guy that would have jizz on the front of his pants.”

WTF is wrong with Lacey Hull?

Paul Bettencourt is a bigot and has done a lot of harm to Texas, especially to minorities, in his attacks on voting rights. But calling him “jizz pants?” Wow.

It’s quite possible Lacey Hull is a 12-year-old boy.

A lot of the texts spoke about Brandon Creighton’s ass. She sexually objectified one of her co-workers in a group text message. The sexual objectifying of someone like this is never okay, whether the person being sexually objectified is a man or a woman.

Lacey Hull also said in these leaked messages that she wanted to punch Paul Bettencourt in the face, spoke about how Briscoe Cain fucked her over, and said that everyone who works in politics is ugly.

Most egregious of all, in these text messages, she referred to someone as the anti-LGBTQ slur, “f**got.”

Speaking of ugly.

Lacey Hull is ugly. She’s ugly on the inside. These leaked group messages show she is a shallow, self-absorbed narcissist full of hatred.

It’s baffling to most of us why Republican voters keep electing these immoral and corrupt people.

Brandon Creighton

Unfortunately, as awful as she seems, Lacey Hull really fits well with the rest of her corrupt peers.

What were the alleged details from the Texas Scorecard?

Lacey Hull’s ex-campaign manager went on the record not only confirming the affair between Hull and Hefner, but she also spilled the beans about an alleged affair between Hull and her campaign manager, Jordan Berry.

From the Texas Scorecard:

“Sexual corruption has led to muddled policy-making, inconsistencies, and broken promises,” Burke told Texas Scorecard. “For those who think what happens behind closed doors does not affect them, I have witnessed firsthand that it affects each of us more profoundly than anything these men and women say publicly or put on a push card.” 

(I’m starting to feel resentful that Lacey Hull has us quoting far-right media, but Texans must know about these people.)

The Texas Scorecard confirmed the validity of these leaked texts but said they decided not to publish them because of the lewd content. They also claim to have photographs and flight records that seemingly confirm the allegations.

The lengths Valoree Swanson, Hull’s mentor, went through to try and cover this sex scandal up.

Apparently, Valoree Swanson fancies herself as some type of Tony Soprano.

Allegedly she threatened Lacey Hull’s now ex-husband and told him to keep silent about Hull’s multiple affairs to prevent Democrats from picking up an extra seat in the November election. Now we know why he waited until election day to file for his divorce. Allegedly Swanson told Hull’s ex-husband that he would face a long line of lawmakers testifying against his character and fitness as a parent.

Valoree Swanson threatened him with the loss of parental rights if he didn’t keep quiet about his wife’s affair. Wrap your mind around that for a minute. That’s some really evil shit.

In the opinion of Living Blue in Texas, both Lacey Hull and Valoree Swanson are horrible people.

Vote them out. All of them. Lacey Hull, Valoree Swanson, and Cole Hefner. It’s bad enough we have to deal with the terrible legislation they push, but knowing they’re all focused on living an episode of Desperate Housewives instead of the people of Texas only further shows how unfit they are to serve in the Texas House.

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