Republicans Trying To Make It Illegal For Municipalities To Remove Old Jim Crow Relics

Republicans Trying To Make It Illegal For Municipalities To Remove Old Jim Crow Relics

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You’re needed in Austin on Monday! If you can’t make it, we need you to blow up the phones and emails of the committee members.

Republicans are at it again. On Monday, the Committee on Culture, Recreation, and Tourism is set to hear HB 2713. This bill would make it illegal for a municipality to remove the Confederate statues and plaques, which have sat on their property, in most cases over 100 years.

Why are Republicans pushing this bill?

All over the country last year, these racist monuments have been the focus of protests, equality, and so much more. Here at Living Blue in Texas, we’ve covered it extensively. 

These Confederate statues were placed all over the South, during the height of Jim Crow, to celebrate the men to keep slavery intact. It was racism when these statues were erected, and it’s racism now. All over Texas, groups have been fighting to remove the statues in their own counties. In nearly every case, these groups have been met with opposition, often violent, from racist organizations.

We’ve all heard from countless people who live in Black communities in rural Texas. As long as odes to white supremacy continue to loom over the halls of justice, they know that justice will never be served equally in their counties.

This is an effort by Texas Republicans to keep white supremacy in place. 

There’s no other way to describe why they are pushing this bill. 

They even pulled in East Texas sellout, Black Conservative, James White as one of the authors. It’s not the only white supremacist legislation White has signed on to this legislative session. 

Bill 4093, introduced but James White is to ban what the Republicans interpretation of Critical Race Theory is, but it doesn’t. Instead, it’s a bill to reinforce white supremacy within the Texas school curriculums. 

Aside from James White, the authors of this bill are Cole Hefner, Will Metcalf, and Cecil Bell.

Co-Authors include Doc Anderson, Kieth Bell, Kyle Bierdermann, Brisco Cain, Jay Dean, Cody Harris, Ben Leman, Mayes Middleton, Tom Oliverson, Dennis Paul, Bryan Slaton, Shelby Slawson, Reggie Smith, Tony Tinderholt, and Cody Vasut.

Republicans are trying to carry on Trump’s hateful legacy.

Even though Trump is gone, he brought the resurgence of both white supremacy and McCarthyism to America, and Conservatives don’t want to let it go. 

Part of that is keeping those racist statues in place. Conservatives want to conserve, no matter the cost, even if that includes making sure that Black Texans in rural areas will continue not to have equality in their own towns and counties.

The bill was brought to the committee by the Republican chairman, Ken King. Tomorrow they will have a hearing on whether the bill will go forward or not. Just like most other committees, Republicans have the majority.

It’s all hands on deck.

If you can make it to Austin tomorrow to testify against this bill, please go. If you can’t make it, then please submit digital testimony.

Here is a Facebook event with all of the details.

Call each committee member and tell them why you were against the bill and want them to vote against it.

  • Representative Ken King (R) 512-463-0736
  • Representative Barbara Gervins-Hawkins (D) 512-463-0708
  • Representative DeWayne Burns (R) 512-463-0538
  • Representative Travis Clardy (R) 512-463-0592
  • Representative John Frullo (R) 512-463-0676
  • Representative Celia Israel (D) 512-463-0821
  • Representative Matt Krause (R) 512-463-0562
  • Representative Mando Martinez (D) 512-463-0530
  • Representative Christina Morales (D) 512-463-0732

The Confederates lost the war 175 years ago. Southern racists have held on to white supremacy since then. Now that society says, “no more,” they’re trying to hold on in every way they can. Stand against it. Tell Republicans that we’ve had enough.

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