Gainesville City Councilman Has Lengthy Criminal Record Exposed

Gainesville City Councilman Has Lengthy Criminal Record Exposed

Besides Brandon Eberhart having his criminal record exposed this week, he stuck his foot in his mouth in a local interview, and has been accused of lying about community members.

Brandon Eberhart, Gainesville City Councilman, Ward 3, is having a bad week. In the week leading up to the election, it’s probably the worst week for things to go south, but Eberhart can’t seem to keep his head above water.

It all started last week when Brandon Eberhart gave an interview to the local newspaper, where he said, “I have talked to several people that are Black, and they said they’ve never seen that (racism) or felt that (inequality) here (Gainesville) and that’s the way I personally feel. I don’t see any racial inequality here.”

The white privilege and white denialism levels a person has to go through to say aloud that they don’t believe racism and inequality exists in ANY rural Texas town are mind-blowing.

Over the last year, there have been multiple highly charged incidents surrounding the topic of race in Gainesville.

Gainesville is just as racist as most other rural Texas towns.

The town’s fight regarding their white supremacist statues on public land has only exasperated the issue further.

Eberhart is an older white man who said he doesn’t see racism or inequality while sitting on the city council of a town which had weekly protests last year over racism and inequality.

His interview got noticed, outraging several members of the Black community. They either reached out to him directly or spoke about it on social media. This led to him posting the following on Facebook:

I looked around on Facebook and Twitter for nearly an hour, I couldn’t find one incident of someone calling him racist, and my search came up empty. Perhaps someone sent him s private message or emailed him, but there is no public evidence of anyone calling him racist.

The leader of PRO Gainesville put out a statement responding to his accusations.

PRO Gainesville founder and leader Torrey Henderson stated that Brandon Eberhart’s opponent, Justin Thompson, has stepped away from PRO Gainesville since he decided to run for city council.

She also clarified how she didn’t call him racist and explained what she said to him.

It appears that Brandon Eberhart may have made that claim up. Since we at Living Blue in Texas believe in transparency, we are calling for Brandon Eberhart to release any proof or evidence that he was attacked or called racist. We would encourage all Gainesville residents to do the same. City Council is a position where you are expected to work with the community, including the members of the community who are Black.

If Brandon Eberhart made those claims up, it would show his unwillingness to be a true community leader. Falsely claiming to be called a racist in a town experiencing racial tension only adds to the division.

While all of this was going on, Brandon Eberhart’s criminal record was leaked online.

And, woo, it’s a doozy.

Councilman Eberhart had multiple charges of assault, multiple charges of violating a protection order, aggerated assault with a deadly weapon, and multiple other charges.

Councilman Eberhart is in his 40s, he called his long and violent rap sheet “past mistakes.”

We absolutely believe in redemption and rehabilitation. It’s possible that Brandon Eberhart just was a misguided youth in his 30s and made the same mistake a whole bunch of times before he learned from it.

Gainesville residents need to ask themselves, before they go to vote, can they trust a council member who has lied about community members? Did you know about his violent past? If you didn’t know, you should ask, if Councilman Eberhart isn’t the same person, why hasn’t he come clean with the community about his past? And if you live in the city of Gainesville, you’ve seen the racial tension over the last year. Ask yourself, will it get better if those in charge completely deny its existence?

Early voting starts April 19th. Election day is May 1st. Make a plan. Vote.

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