Briscoe Cain And Other Republicans Just Passed Jim Crow Bill, HB6

Briscoe Cain And Other Republicans Just Passed Jim Crow Bill, HB6

HB 6 is a racist voter suppression bill that will put up barriers between Texans and their right to vote.

After listening to 22 hours of testimony from hundreds of Texans and a few right-wing nuts, Republicans on the election committee still pushed this bill through. House Bill 6 is now out of the House Elections Committee, moving the ball toward a full House vote. Texas Democrats and voting rights advocates have fought relentlessly against the bill since its introduction and are not backing down. Texans won’t stand for Republicans’ attacks on our constitutional right to vote.

We should all applaud our Democratic champions on the House Elections Committee, Rep. Jessica González, Rep. Michelle Beckley, Rep. Art Fierro, and Rep. John Bucy’s tireless advocacy for voters.

For the Republican scum that voted for this, enjoy your last term in office. You will be voted out.

Briscoe Cain and Valoree Swanson, all of that dirt we’ve been saving up on you is coming out. Stay tuned.

Mike Schofield, Jacey Jetton, and Travis Clardy, you will also be exposed.

Texas Democratic Party Voter Protection Director Rose Clouston issued the following statement:

“Today, Texas House Republicans have once again explicitly placed themselves on the side of white supremacy and against the constitutional rights of Texans. House Bill 6 is a flagrant attack on the voting rights of people of color and voters with disabilities. Bypassing this bill through the House Elections Committee, these Republicans are trying to shut down the voices of Black and Brown voters across our state. This is shameful.

“I am proud of the relentless work of our Democratic champions and the countless civil rights and voting rights advocates and organizers who are likewise pushing to protect our state from these Republican attacks. All of the Republicans’ claims about the need for this bill have been debunked. The only reason left is simple: unprecedented voter turnout that has them worried about their chances for reelection — and they are clinging to power the only way they can.

“Texas Republicans are delusional if they expect anyone to accept this legislation without a fight. Democrats, allies, and advocates are speaking as one, and our message is clear: when Republicans attempt to silence Texans, we only get louder. We will fight tooth and nail to stop this bill from being signed into law. An attack on Texans’ right to vote is an attack on our communities and our future. We will not be silenced.”

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