WTF Is Wrong With Representative Kyle Biedermann?

WTF Is Wrong With Representative Kyle Biedermann?

Who is he truly working for? And what is he trying to do in Texas?

This last weekend Kyle Biedermann attended two separate speaking engagements, which in itself isn’t a big deal, but it was the crowds he was speaking to that should raise a few eyebrows. On Friday, we wrote about Parker County Conservative’s racist resolution and their plans to denounce America on Friday night. Living Blue in Texas has extensively covered Parker County and the protests there over the Confederate statue. While we have identified several of the aggressors fighting against racial justice in Parker County, up until last week, Parker County Conservatives have stayed clear of our radar.

It is unsurprising that at the Parker County Conservative meeting, where Biedermann spoke, the room was filled with Neo-Conservatives previously identified by Progressives of Parker County. The protests were live-streamed by both Smash da Topic Breaking News and Progressives of Parker County.


Earlier tonight, Texas House Representative Kyle Bierdermann joined a room if Neo-Confederates to talk about secession #turntexasblue #txpolitics

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Here is the clip of when Biedermann entered the event and walked through a crowd of protestors who were calling him un-American and a traitor. He looked around and gave them one of those kinds of smiles that people do when they’re nervous or uncomfortable.

Call to action for protesters, Indivisible, and Democrats in Texas.

Parker County Conservatives posted the full video of their event on Facebook. Between that video and the video which came from the Saturday event he spoke at, what’s made clear is that Representative Biedermann’s feathers were really ruffled by the protesters, who called him un-American and accused him of treason.

For that very reason, every speaking engagement he attends in Texas, to talk to people about secession should be met with protesters who let him know that his un-American agenda isn’t wanted or welcome.

We may be stuck with him until he’s voted out, but there is no reason that Texans need to make that comfortable for him.

What was Biedermann up to on Saturday?

If meeting with a bunch of Neo-Confederates wasn’t appalling enough, on Saturday Biedermann spoke at an event with the New Braunfels Trump Train.

You remember the New Braunfels Trump Train, right? They were the assholes who tried to run the Biden/Harris bus off of the road and have been terrorizing their community for the last year. Those guys.

Yep, we have video of that, too. It is bonkers.

It starts out with one of the Ceh family members telling the crowd they have to stand together against “evil, wicked” legislators. He isn’t from Texas, because that’s not how people in Texas talk. He goes on to talk about how CPAC was the first real state of the union and then read what Trump said. Word for word.

Ceh then told the cheering audience that The Equality Act was the evilest legislation that was ever passed in American history. The Equality Act bans discrimination of the LGBTQ+ community. To put it into context, he was asserting that banning discrimination was the evilest legislation ever.

He then talks about driving the bible, God, and Christianity forward. Perhaps he didn’t get the memo that said hate is unchristian-like. Of course, the big lie was repeated, and Ceh added how Trump won by 100 million votes. 100 million. The level of delusion is frightening.

These are Biedermann’s people.

Let’s not forget that Representative Kyle Biedermann was in DC on January 6th and at the events before the capital was stormed. Now, he’s refusing to release his emails from early January.

Ceh, spoke about how “the communists” have taken over and how he’s started a new church that won’t be afraid to talk about politics. I guess that means he’ll be paying taxes on his church. He offered a prayer before Biedermann came on stage, where he prayed to God to crush the people in DC. This is where we are in America. Terrorists call themselves Christian and then use God’s name to commit violence and elected officials like Biedermann support them. Vanilla ISIS.

When Beidermann took the stage, his words weren’t any less insane than the words from Ceh.

He pointed at Ceh and said, “This is what Texas is about and we’re going to take it back.” Apparently, he thinks Texas is about violence and racism. Truth be told, he may not be wrong about that, after all, they elected him.

Biedermann bragged about being in DC during the insurrection.

He said he was very proud of the things he’s done because he loves God. From someone who grew up in a religious family, I sincerely doubt these people have ever attended one church service in their lives. Their interpretation of God and Christianity is so warped and perverted, they could put the Westboro Baptist Church to shame.

Biedermann said, “People say to me how can you say the pledge allegiance? Well, I’m going to tell you. America was here way before the United States. And America is the one who fought for our Constitution and our freedom and our liberty.”

Aside from not knowing the bible, it would appear that Biedermann doesn’t know civics, either.

Don’t let him fool you, he’s got a nice smile and a lot to say, but Kyle Biedermann is as dumb as a rock.

Biedermann called Trump “our president” and said he was crucified.

Then, he explained to the rabid crowd looking to secede from America the difference between a federal bill and a state bill. In his closing remarks, Biedermann said that Texas wouldn’t join the Union today if we had a choice. The material really just writes itself.

I wish I could tell you that this article was only about Representative Biedermann’s poor decision-making skills when choosing which events to speak at, but there’s more. March 13th is the last day legislators have to introduce legislation. I looked to see what Biedermann was throwing up there, besides Texit.

Four. He’s only filed four bills.

  • Remove permit restrictions to carry a firearm in Texas. (Guns for everyone.)
  • Texit
  • Preserve, maintain, and restore the Alamo
  • Give management of the Alamo back to the General Land Office

He also co-authored a bill with Briscoe Cain that stops people from buying soda and chips with food stamps.

Why is Kyle Biedermann even in office? Who is he working for?

It certainly isn’t his district, HD73. Biedermann’s district includes Comal, Gillespie, and Kendall Counties. The Alamo is in Bexar County. So, if you take out his two Alamo bills, he really has only introduced two bills that will have any impact on his district, guns for everyone and Texit.

We’ve already established that Texit is racist. If Biedermann isn’t working for his constituents and he’s not working on behalf of Texans, who is he working for?

Look, here’s a picture of Biedermann dressed like “Gay Hitler,” from back in 2016.

In 2019 he was quoted saying that removing white supremacist memorials was erasing history. Then in a 2020 article, he was quoted saying that race relations haven’t changed in 1,000 years.

And let’s not forget the Islamophobic incident when he offended every Muslim in Texas a few years ago.

Who is Biedermann working for, if it isn’t his constituents or the people of Texas?

Remember, whatever happens in the dark, eventually comes to light.

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