Texas Young Republicans Legislative Dinner Highlighted War On Women

Texas Young Republicans Legislative Dinner Highlighted War On Women

Last week, The Texas Young Republicans held their first annual Legislative Dinner. One speaker after the next spoke about God, abortions, and guns.

You might expect the Young Republicans’ first Legislative Dinner to highlight bold new ideas; if the Young Democrats held a Legislative dinner, they would have had new and bold ideas. However, it was the same old Republican garbage that they’ve been pushing for the last 50 years. In fact, it was so much of a repeat of old ideas that the Texas Young Republicans should rename themselves “The Same Old Shit Republicans For A New Generation.”

Recap of the Texas Young Republicans Legislative Dinner

You can watch the entire thing here. It was a who’s who of Republican oppressors. Bryan Hughes, Jeff Leach, Dawn, Shelby Swanson, Drew Springer, Dan Patrick, and even Greg Abbott.

The biggest piece of information that came out of this dinner was Dan Patrick’s planning on primarying Greg Abbott. This has been a rumor going around for several months now. Patrick confirmed he wasn’t running when he said, “I hope no one runs against Greg Abbott because he’s going to win again.” 🤣

Dade Phelan drank one too many before his speech.

This was probably the most entertaining moment of the evening. He slurred through his speech, then called Jason Vaughn a RINO but said it was better than being a traitor. What was that about? An inside joke? Or was Phelan so inebriated that he was saying random things?

Shelby Slawson spoke about how she had a miscarriage, which is why she is fighting to ban abortions in Texas. A miscarriage is an awful thing for any woman to experience, but for her to use her experience to take away other Texas women’s reproductive rights is disgusting.

Shelby Slawson is the Representative of House District 59.

One more extremely gerrymandered district. The Sundown Town we recently wrote about, Comanche County, is in her district. So, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that she takes a racist position on Black Lives Matter, pushes an oppressive position, or engulfs herself in hate.

Just look at how she speaks about her own constituents:

Shelby Slawson is a woman, pushing an anti-woman, anti-immigrant, and anti-Black agenda. Too bad for the Texas Young Republicans, she was also the only woman they invited to speak at their dinner.

All of their speakers were also white.

Same old Republican party, full of white guys.

The Legislative Dinner, held by the Young Republicans showed Texans one important thing.

Although they are young, they don’t have any new ideas and seek to continue the legacy of the GOP’s oppression. Stop women from having reproductive rights. Guns, guns, guns for everyone. Hate speech is under attack; let’s call it “Conservative censorship.”

The Texas Young Republicans Legislative Dinner showed us that the upcoming Republican generation would follow in suit with the old generations of Republicans. Unless you want to deal with another 50 years of hate and oppression, it’s time to vote them all out.

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