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Living Blue In Texas Endorses Shawn Lassiter For Congressional District 6

Shawn Lassiter checks every single box in ideology, background, and position on key issues. This is why Living Blue in Texas is endorsing her for Congressional District 6.

Congressional District 6 is a race that we have been watching very closely. 23 candidates are running to replace the late Ron Wright, 11 Republicans, 10 Democrats, one libertarian, and one independent. Yeah, it’s crowded. Since it is a special election, all 23 candidates will be running against each other. If no candidates reach 50% of the vote, it will go to a runoff election. With 23 candidates, no one will likely get 50% of the vote, and we’ll have a runoff election several weeks after the special election.

We have looked at all of the candidates, spoken to many of them, and found of all the candidates, Shawn Lassiter checks every single box in ideology, background, and position on key issues. This is why we’re endorsing her for congress.

The first chance many of us met Shawn was when we were iced in our house, with the electricity and water off because of the ice storm. Like many of us, that was a point when Shawn said, “enough is enough,” and put out this video.

Texas families are angry, tired, and we want answers.

We are. We’re angry that Texas Republicans continuously put their own greed above whether Texans are safe and healthy. We’re tired of our elected officials putting the wants of special interest groups over Texas citizens’ needs.

Those words resonate with us.

In February, during the ice storm that left millions without power and water and killed 57 people, we wanted answers. We got our answers; our energy market was deregulated and privatized to enrich energy CEOs at the expense of our safety.

Shawn’s story.

The thing we love most about Shawn is that she isn’t disconnected from the working class. Too many of our politicians came from a wealthy or upper-middle-class background, got an ivy league education, and spend their time with legislation that won’t help the working class.

Shawn was raised by a single mom and is the first in her family to get a college education. She has dedicated her life to teaching and advocacy. These are qualities that are important to Congressional District 6.

District 6 voters need to ask themselves, could another out-of-touch Republican really help us through the issues we face? Unemployment, underemployment, struggling with the children doing distance learning because of the pandemic are all issues where our elected representatives should be on our side.

We need a congressperson who will bring empathy and compassion back to D.C., as we have watched elected Republicans for too long act on racism, hate, and a complete disconnection from the middle class.

Shawn’s position on issues is progressive and refreshing.

Since the hot-button issue is immigration, Shawn plans to bring to congress comprehensive immigration reform that centers on dignity, prosperity, and safety. She’ll stand up for DREAMers, fight for a pathway to citizenship, and work to reunite children with their families.

Another hot-button issue of the moment is voting rights. Republicans in Texas and D.C. have launched the biggest voting suppression effort since Jim Crow. Shawn has vowed to fight against voter suppression to ensure that every American citizen, no matter their race or income, can participate in democracy.

Other issues that are important to Shawn (you can see more on her website):

  • Making the economy work for working families.
  • Healthcare is a human right.
  • Strong, equitable public schools.
  • Renewable energy, green jobs, clean water, and clean air in Texas.
  • Equal rights for women and protection of reproductive health.

Shawn has also pledged not to take any corporate PAC money.

This is one of our favorite things about Shawn. Right now, our American government is in a corruption crisis. Elected officials are easily and often bought and paid for by corporate PACS, then pass legislation to help these corporation get richer, while American people suffer from low wages, lack of healthcare,

Dark money in politics is out of control; by refusing to take any corporate PAC money, Shawn refuses to participate in the corrupt system.

It is for all of these reasons that Living Blue in Texas is endorsing Shawn Lassiter for Congressional District 6.

Get out and vote, remind your friends and family, vote all the way down-ballot, and vote for Shawn Lassiter for Congressional District 6.

You can find out more about Shawn on her website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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