Parker County GOP Pass Racist Resolution, Plan To Denounce America

Parker County GOP Pass Racist Resolution, Plan To Denounce America

Not only has Parker County GOP passed a racist resolution, but this county party has also been bought and paid for by a far-right extremist, and tonight (3/5/21) they are meeting to denounce America.

There is no denying that ever since the Texas Republican Party elected Allen West as their chairman, that the state GOP has leaped into far-right extremism. It shouldn’t surprise many people that the county Republican parties all over the state would follow suit. Parker County GOP is no exception. In a county that went 81% for Donald Trump, local Conservatives have become a political force, with deep pockets, and a far-right extremist agenda.

Throughout much of 2020, we watched our friends in Parker County Progressives become targets of harassment and threats, over their desire to move the Confederate statue off of the taxpayer-funded courthouse. While it’s unclear the depth of the involvement with the Parker County GOP and the Neo-Confederates who have been targeting local Black residents, some of Parker County’s elected Republicans have been spotted paling around with Confederate hate groups.

Here is Parker County Judge Pat Dean, recently posing for pictures with the local Sons of Confederate Veterans chapter.

Judge Dean reportedly attends every Parker County GOP meeting.

In January, the Parker County GOP had their regular monthly meeting on January 7th. (This was only one day after the insurrection in Washington DC.) During that meeting, they voted on two things. The first was a resolution to thank all of the Texas Republicans who committed sedition and tried to overturn the election. It passed unanimously.

The second was a resolution condemning Black Lives Matter and Antifa, which was introduced by Steven Carl Graves.

By now, literally, everyone in the free world knows that there are Black Lives Matter group and the Black Lives Matter movement. Since there are not any Black Lives Matter chapters in North Texas, they meant Black Lives Matter, the movement.

The movement that says “The lives of Black people matter, please stop killing us.” That’s what they wanted to condemn. We already know that far-right Conservatives think anyone who is a Democrat or fights for justice and equality is Antifa.

In Parker County, the group fighting for equality and justice is Parker County Progressives.

The vote was 12 yes and 10 no, (surprising), they required a 2/3 vote to pass, which they didn’t have, so it was tabled.

The resolution was brought up again during February, Black History Month. Our sources tell us, this time it passed. During Black History Month, the Parker County GOP passed a resolution condemning a movement that fights for equality and justice for the lives of Black people. Surely, they won’t admit to this racist action because they don’t see color, they have a Black friend and can attest to their love for Black political figures like Allen West and Candace Owens.

Who is Michael Olcott?

According to our sources, it was Michael Olcott who has been pushing for Parker County Conservatives to jump on the secession train. But who is he?

Michael Olcott is a precinct chair, however, he’s also Parker County GOP’s top donor, and has been pretty much calling the shots in Parker County.

In 2020, Olcott donated $36,100 to Parker County Conservatives. Also in 2020, he donated to the absolute worst of the Texas GOP, including Bryan Slaton, Jeff Cason, and Allen West. In 2018 he gave nearly $100,000 to the likes of Briscoe Cain, Kyle Biederman, Konni Burton, Tony Tinderholt, Ken Paxton, Angela Paxton, Pat Fallon, and so many others. And in 2016, he gave $12,000 to Empower Texans. If his donation history is a reflection of his ideology, then he leans so far right, he is about to fall over.

Michael Olcott threw a lot of money at becoming someone with political influence.

According to Empower Texans, Olcott is an ex-minuteman. You know, the far-right militia that hangs out on the border, looking to shoot immigrants who they catch crossing illegally.

When I first heard Olcott’s name, it sounded familiar. That’s because he was at the center of a recent scandal at the Parker County Courthouse, which got their IT guy fired.

Or maybe it was because, during the special election for SD30, Olcott spent a lot of time attacking Drew Springer.

What did he say about Drew Springer?

Olcott claimed that while Drew Springer was a State Representative, he was on the payroll of a lobbyist. Was he? During the SD30 election, the far-right Empower Texan crowd attacked Springer on him not being a principled Conservative and Greg Abbott endorsed him.

It’s a possibility. We’re going to find out. Stay tuned for that.

That brings us to tonight, when Parker County GOP will be meeting to discuss denouncing America.

Michael Olcott is pushing his local Republican party to denounce America and start their own nation, the Republic of Texas.

If you missed our recent in-depth analysis, “QAnon Conspiracies And Neo-Confederate Beliefs Behind Texit Movement,” you can find it HERE.

Tonight, at 6:30 pm at the Doss Heritage Center in Weatherford, Parker County GOP will be hosting anti-American Representative Kyle Biedermann and self-proclaimed lover of the 1776 movement, Tom Glass.

They will be discussing HB 1359 and HB 1215, or better known as the secession bills.

Conservatives in Texas can no longer call themselves patriots. You don’t love your country and then want to leave your country.

Local Parker County residents are having NONE of it.

The Parker County GOP will be met with a large protest tonight outside of the Doss Heritage Center. True patriots, who love America, will be showing up in numbers to tell this Conservative party, “If you don’t like America, leave, but you sure as hell aren’t taking Texas with you.”

Progressives of Parker County will be there, live streaming. Smash da Breaking News will be there, live streaming. Besides Biedermann, they will catch any other elected official who shows up, and those officials will have to answer to their constituents. We hear, there could be several elected officials there. Check the Living Blue in Texas Facebook page for ongoing live streams tonight, we’ll share them as they go up.

If you’re in the Weatherford area, the protesters are meeting at 5:30 at Love Street Park in Weatherford, then will head as a group over to the Doss Heritage Center. If you can make it, wear something patriotic and bring your American flags. For more details, hit me up on Twitter.

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