Mallet is Running for Lewisville City Council Place 3

Mallet is Running for Lewisville City Council Place 3

LEWISVILLE, TEXAS — Penny Mallet, an entrepreneur, community activist and political leader, is running for Lewisville City Council Place 3. Mallet wants to lead Lewisville with a vision of one community, a community where all are welcome.

“I decided to run for Lewisville City Council, because if an issue matters to the residents and small business owners, city council members should address it,” said Mallet. “As city leaders doing government business, city council members should help everyone, protect our investments and defend the rights of all.”

Stated Mallet, “Lewisville is what community looks like, caring for each other. Let us make everyone welcome. The act of running for office is talking to and listening to your voters, especially those who are too often left out of the conversations about their future in the community. Leadership requires engaging and expressing empathy with needs and ideas.”

If elected, Mallet would advocate:

The City of Lewisville

  • creating a full-time position dedicated to championing diversity, inclusion and transparency within the city organization and in public engagement;
  • prioritizing employee recruitment efforts focused on minority candidates through advertising, site visits and use of professional consultants;\
  • developing leadership inclusion for all City employees; 
  • reviewing the development of a public annual report on the demographic data related to new hires, promotions and total workforce under the City umbrella.  

Lewisville Police Department

  • reviewing the annual budget process and considering emerging trends to explore options for alternative responses to certain types of police calls through civilian personnel trained in mental health specializations, trained police personnel or a partnership with community service agencies;
  • providing wider public awareness of access to police encounters via educational videos for all ninth graders under the Sandra Bland Act; and
  • helping develop and implement a method for using body camera videos of officer
  • interactions as part of a follow-up training opportunity for identifying hidden biases. 

Lewisville Chamber of Commerce

  • working with the City under the agreement with the Chamber to ensure inclusiveness in small business workshops for current paying Chamber members;
  • creating a City Economic Development and Chamber team to provide local businesses with the tools, training and resources necessary to help businesses thrive in our community as far too many new businesses close; and
  • working with the City and the Chamber to give new life to the Music City Mall—the heart of our community. Grow Lewisville = Opportunities and Development.
  • A member of several groups and organizations devoted to voting rights and tracking social issues, Mallet’s most valuable possession is the NAACP Medal of Honor she received for her community work and leadership in 2019.

Staying connected with the community’s needs and uplifting those who have difficulties is important to Mallet. She left corporate America to found and become CEO of the private CKM Foundation that supports disadvantaged girls. She established a little Free Library in Old Valley Orchard Park and supplies all local little Free Libraries Food pantry locations.

Other accomplishments of Mallet’s include:

  • The Lewisville Chamber of Commerce Class of #34 2020 graduate;
  • the City of Lewisville Citizens University 2020 graduate;
  • Lewisville Citizens Police Program 2019 graduate;
  • member of the Lewisville CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) program, she helped distribute Covid-19 vaccines in Lewisville and Denton County;
  • finished the American College of Surgeons Committee on Trauma’s STOP THE BLEED Course in 2020;
  • completed Census Training and walked Lewisville, helping residents understand the importance of the funding the Census could bring to the community for the next 10 years and complete the forms in 2020; and
  • served as Community Leader on the 2020 Mayor’s Commission.

Mallet is working to achieve certification as a Certified Municipal Official from the Texas Municipal League Institute. If she becomes a City Councilwoman, that certification will enable Mallet to attend trainings and conferences, host town hall meetings and participate in forums to enhance service to the community of Lewisville. 

Concluded Mallet, “It’s always a bold decision to run for office and participate in the democratic process for our communities. We can protest all we want on the back end, but unless we vote and make changes on the front end, nothing changes. Vote for the decisions that impact your life where you live — it will make a world of difference.”

A 25-year resident of Lewisville, Mallet and her husband Rawlin have one son living in Florida. 

Penny Mallet wants to ensure Lewisville residents experience transparency from City government and have access to all of the opportunities available now and create new ones. 

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