GOP, Conversion Therapist, & Internet Celebrity Team-Up For Bigotry Bills

GOP, Conversion Therapist, & Internet Celebrity Team-Up For Bigotry Bills

If there was a bar around, it would have made for a great joke. However, there was nothing funny about the display of hatred put on display at a GOP press conference today.

Today a bunch of far-right extremists teamed up for a complete shit show of a news conference. We should have known something was up when earlier Bryan Slaton tried some ridiculous partisan nonsense on the House floor. Slaton tried to introduce an amendment to a bill that would have prevented a parent from getting support from another parent if that parent helped their child with gender transition. It was an anti-trans amendment.

While Slaton explained his amendment, he mentioned that Jeff Younger, the father of Luna Younger, was in the gallery. Except, Slaton called Luna by her dead name.

Last week, Jeff Younger went on an Incel videocast about men’s rights, where he admitted he was supposed to be under a gag order and decided he wasn’t going to follow it anymore because of fReEdOm AnD lIbErTy.

His court case is in Coppell.

No less than two hours after the House concluded their session, Representative Steve Toth held a press conference called the “Save James Press Conference.”

The first one up to speak at this press conference? The guy is supposed to be under a gag-order and tried to un-trans his daughter by reading her the bible. We aren’t showing that portion of the press conference because Younger attempted to dox his daughter’s pediatrician, repeatedly misgendered his daughter, and only referred to her by her dead name. If you want to see the full press conference, you can find it here.

Or you can read these articles from various medical journals and researchers, which talk about the importance of not misgendering trans children. (National Institute of Health, Journal of Adolescent Health, or Feminism and Psychology)

Tracey Shannon, the Texas Director for Mass Resistance spoke next.

Mass Resistance is an anti-LGTBQ hate group. Shannon introduced herself as a trans widow; she said that meant her husband left her to become a woman. She then went on to talk about how she was a victim of her husband. Shannon told the reporters that she went to marriage counseling with her ex, where the counselor told her that she was a closed-minded lesbian. Makes sense to me.

It sounds like she married a trans woman because of her own sexuality, then when she left her, Shannon got angry and bitter and started her own hate crusade.

While attempting to garnish sympathy, Shannon said her husband was transitioning and on hormone therapy for 11 years before she found out.

Here is a portion of Tracy Shannon’s speech.

The gay conversion therapist.

If getting the rep from your local hate group to plead your bill wasn’t enough, Toth pulled in renowned gay conversion therapist and lobbyist David Pickup. Pickup spoke about penises and breasts but completely left out vaginas. Someone should psychoanalyze that because there’s something there. But don’t call it gay conversion therapy; Pickup could be heard saying in an interview on YouTube, that’s offensive. Instead, call it “re-integration” therapy.

Gay conversion therapy is harmful to LGBTQI+ youth. You can read more about why on the Human Rights Campaign or Live Science.

Texas Democrats have introduced legislation to ban gay conversion therapy in Texas. Please call or email your rep and tell them to support banning gay conversion therapy.

Representative Toth’s bill, HB 68, classifies even affirming a child’s preferred gender as child abuse. Which is just fucking dumb. (See medical journals linked above).

Some angry chick, the Texas Freedom Coalition, came up to the mic and said George Soros funded transgender rights.

It’s hard to take these people seriously when they say stuff like that, but we have to take them seriously because they are a danger to all of us. She spoke about Spud McKenzie and equated doctors who perform gender reassignment surgery to Dr. Mengele.

The Texas Freedom Coalition is just one more Texas hate group that can’t mind their own business and regulate what everyone else does with their body.

It’s hard to keep up with them all, but they’re the ones who posted on Facebook that socialized medicine was just like eugenics.

The pseudo-experts just kept coming.

Next up was Jill Glover, who presented herself as a marriage and family counselor; however, she’s actually a far-right activist from North Texas.

Suppose the parade of crazies to the podium hasn’t made you vomit yet. The next “expert” they had was a 19-year old Instagram influencer, Lily Kate.

Woooo. This young lady is just one more Tomi Lahren knock-off. Haven’t we seen enough young white women who don’t know shit angrily assert their minority opinions and discriminated classes?


Here is a video of her whitesplaning on Tik Tok how Meghan Markle couldn’t experience racism because she’s rich.

She also live-streamed the press conference on her Instagram account. Not the entire press conference, just the part where she spoke.

How enlightening to hear this 19-year old home-schooled young lady school us all about what racism is and what trans people should do with their bodies.

Finally, Steve Toth spoke about his bill and other hate bills.

He said first he wanted to thank Valoree Swanson for her hate bill, HB 1485, which bans trans youth from playing sports.

He added that Vasut, Biedermann, Slaton, and Tan have all been valuable to the Conservative hate agenda.

Senator Bob Hall came up and said banning trans children from living their authentic lives is the most important legislation this year. (I’m paraphrasing)

Hall, just like the gay conversion therapist, spoke of penises and breasts but failed to mention vagina. It must be something with Republicans because women who have breast cancer also have their breasts removed, but that doesn’t make them trans.

Is that odd that while talking about taking away transgender rights, they would mention penises and breasts, but not vaginas?

Toth ended by saying, “this isn’t a left, right issue.” Someone should tell him that the left doesn’t subscribe to his brand of hate.

The Texas legislature’s biggest bigots authored, co-authored, sponsored, or co-sponsored a handful of these hate bills. Representative Toth was nice enough to list them all in his speech.

Vote them out. Every single one of them.

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