F*ck You, Representative James White

F*ck You, Representative James White

Does the word “fuck” offend you more than a mother’s heartbreak over her murdered son? Well, fuck you.

Do you see the young man pictured above? That’s Tre’Shun Symone Miller. He was killed on January 11, 2019, by the Arlington Police Department. He was only 20 years old.

Tre’Shun Miller’s name and story are one that many people in DFW and Arlington are familiar with. Tre’Shun’s mother, Trena, wrote about Tre’Shun’s story, and we published it here on Living Blue in Texas. When Failure To Render Aid Is As Deadly As The Bullet. Trena Miller has fought tooth and nail to get justice for her son. She has shouted about her son’s untimely end from every rooftop she could find. And she speaks about her son’s death at city council meetings, protests, community meetings, and to anyone else who would listen.

Tre’Shun Miller was shot by Arlington PD, handcuffed, and left on a cold, wet parking lot to bleed out for 12 minutes. They shot him and then failed to render aid. In Tre’Shun’s last moments of life, as he pleaded for help, an Arlington police officer stood over him and said, “Shut the fuck up.”

What does this have to do with James White?

Last week, the Texas House Committee on Homeland Security and Public Safety held a hearing on the George Floyd Act.

Hiram Garcia posted this video on his Facebook feed, showing a commotion in the committee hearing and several law enforcement officials outside.

You can’t see what caused the commotion, so you have to watch the video above. You really need to see it.

It was Trena Miller. The commotion was caused when James White interrupted Trena Miller’s testimony and wasn’t going to let her finish telling her son’s story.

The reason Representative White interrupted Trena Miller? Not because she ran out of time. Because she said, “fuck.” She was telling the committee about the last words her son heard as he was dying.

A grieving mother should be able to tell her son’s story.

Yet, James White couldn’t sit through Trena Miller’s 3-minute testimony to let her tell her son’s story. The word FUCK offended him that much. Oh, decorum. Fuck breaks decorum.

Who fucking cares?

Representative White could have endured sitting through 3-minute testimony. That’s nothing compared to what a mother must endure after the life of her son is taken. He didn’t have to do that.

Representative White interrupted Trena Miller after 2 minutes and 10 seconds of testimony. Several police officers were each given five minutes before her speaking, and the standard for a packed committee hearing is three minutes.

If FUCK offends you so much, Representative White, then stay the FUCK out of politics and work for a church.

Sincerely and wholeheartedly, from mothers in Texas, we mean it when we say, “FUCK you, James White.

The absolute disrespect and disregard you showed Trena Miller in that hearing shows the person that you are. It’s no wonder you vote Republican.

While we’re at it, we all need to also give a big FUCK YOU to Representative Jared Patterson.

Check out Representative Patterson’s newsletter he sent out this morning.

After spending almost 19 hours in a marathon session listening to hundreds of family members who spoke about police brutality and their family members who were killed by police, Jared Patterson sent a newsletter to his followers his intention to pass RACIST legislation that will allow a police officer to continue to kill Black and brown people.

It was almost like all of those testimonies had no impact on him at all.

Except they did. If you didn’t notice before, check out Representative Patterson’s posture shift while the commotion was going on (about 4:30 in). Go ahead. The imagery will speak for itself.

Patterson ended his newsletter by thanking the police officers for keeping him safe from Trena Miller.


How stupid do you have to be to listen to hours of testimony about how police kill and then think one of the people testifying might attack you in front of the police?

There was absolutely no reason why Jared Patterson had to fear for his safety at that moment. As you can see from the two videos at separate angels posted in this article. It’s almost like Representative Patterson was afraid for his safety for some other reason than a grieving mother saying FUCK. I wonder what reason that could be.

As long as these Republicans are in office, they will continue to pass legislation that hurts Texas’s people and block the legislation that would be right and just. As bad as they are trying to disenfranchise voters, it’s going to take all of us voting in every single election to get them out.

Meaningful legislation won’t come as long as the party in charge continues to conserve the entire racist system. Vote.

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