HD2 Representative Bryan Slaton Introduces Racist Bill

HD2 Representative Bryan Slaton Introduces Racist Bill

Bryan Slaton’s new bill directly targets the hundreds of Confederate statues, which still remain in Texas.

Far-right Representative Bryan Slaton just introduced a bill to make sure that racist statues celebrating the anti-American traitors who wanted to keep slavery are kept on the tax-payer funded property in Texas, to make sure when Black people have to visit their county courthouses, they know that justice will not be served equally.

HB 2571 says that any monument or memorial, which includes statues, bridge names, park names, etc., which honors an event or person of historical significance and has been in place for at least 40 years cannot be removed, replaced, or altered. It’s a Confederate monument preservation bill.

Slaton has also signed on for Texas secession.

On his Facebook page, when one of his followers asked about it, Slaton said he signed on as a co-author.

However, it’s important to point out that he is not listed as a co-author in the bill, this response by him shows that he supports Texas seceding from America. This is just ONE MORE link in the chain which proves that the secession movement is racist and the people behind it are Neo-Confederates.

These far-right Republicans want to turn Texas back into a Confederate state, leave America, and become their own country based on white supremacy. Where does that leave the 16.2 million non-white Texans? As more and more extremists, like Slaton, get behind the idea of Texas pulling out of America, the more worried we should get.

The Confederacy was and is racist.

By now, if you don’t know that, then you’ve had your head in the sand your entire life. The Confederacy was racist, the statues that honor them are racist, and the fight to keep them in place is racist. The statues all over Texas were created by white supremacists. And they function as a centerpiece for white supremacists who long to return to a period when Americans regarded black people as property.

156 years after the Civil War ended, Neo-Confederates are still fighting to keep the same white supremacist ideology in place.

There are roughly 14.000 Black people in Bryan Slaton’s district. We have to wonder how they feed about this racist legislation their representative is trying to push.

Call your elected officials today and let them know that you are against this bill. Go HERE to find out who your elected officials are.

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