Trump Train Plan On Attacking/Harassing Biden Entourage In Houston

Trump Train Plan On Attacking/Harassing Biden Entourage In Houston

It’s unlikely the Secret Service will let the Trump Train get close to Biden, but Houston Democrats and people of color need to be vigilant today, as we already know how violent these people can be.

This morning someone shared a screenshot of an event being planned in Houston. A Trump Train or multiple Trump Trains are planning on gathering at 8:00 am and then simultaneously traveling to Biden’s location, to let him know, “he’s not their president.”

They created this event only a few days ago and didn’t post the details of when and where they were meeting until last night.

The hosts are EV D Vee (obviously a fake name) and Renee Dickinson Harrington.

An interesting thing about EV D Vee is he claims to work for Texas Values. Texas Values is a far-right pro-life and anti-LGBT group.

Renee Dickinson Harrington is a Houston resident and Trump activist, who posts racist propaganda on her Facebook page.

What are they planning on doing?

As we all remember, the last time, when the Biden/Harris came to Texas, the New Braunfels Trump Train tried to run their bus off of the road.

While the details in the event say they will welcome them with open arms and respect, we have all seen what these people have done over the last year.

The event discussions talk about “showing them we know it was stolen” and how “Trump supporters need to welcome Biden to Texas.”

All of these screenshots are from their event, which can be found HERE.

These people are part of the Magnolia Trump Train but will be joined by Trump Trains from Austin (New Braunfels), Dallas, and San Antonio.

Maybe they just plan on driving around in circles with their Trump flags to try and intimidate Democrats near Biden.

Maybe so. They’re idiots who apparently have nothing better to do. However, considering there have been more than a dozen domestic terrorists arrested from the January 6th DC incident were from Texas, most of us already know how violent these people are.

We haven’t forgotten how they tried to murder the people in the Biden/Harris bus incident last year, by attempting to run them off of the road.

We all saw these people be violent towards peaceful protests, Democrats, and people of color throughout 2020.

It is unlikely that the Secret Service will allow these people to get too close to Biden. Regardless, anyone that they get close to who isn’t part of their group could wind up being a target or victim of violence.

If you are in the Houston area or your planning to go see the Biden event today, please be vigilant. This Trump Trains will be full of people who have no qualms about committing violence against people they perceive as threats to their conspiracy theories.

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