Tone-Deaf Texas Republicans

Tone-Deaf Texas Republicans

Ted Cruz is far from the only culprit.

From Ted Cruz going to Cancun to Greg Abbott going on TV and lying, Texas Republicans are seemingly tone-deaf as to what Texans are saying and what Texans are needing right now. Unfortunately, Cruz and Abbott are far from the only Republicans who have spent the last week lying and focusing on themselves and their donors.

The other Republicans are the usual suspects.

Brian Babin.

Brian Babin spends most of his time online lying and spreading conspiracies theories. It’s silly for anyone to think that during a time, when his constituents are dying and suffering, he would behave any differently.

Just yesterday (2/18), he put out his first statement since the storm started, and it contained widely-debunked lies about the cause of the power outage and praised fossil fuels. Power outages started on 2/14, so what was Babin tweeting about for the first four days that his constituents were dying?

How he wants to stop anchor babies from coming to Texas, Andrew Cumo, and how much he loved Rush Limbaugh and Donald Trump.

Lance Gooden.

Even worse than Brian Babin, Lance Gooden has not put out any statements relating to the ice storms and how his constituents are dying and suffering. He has presented to the world, that he doesn’t care about how bad things are for the people he represents. The most important thing to him is spreading hate and propaganda.

Lies, hatred, division. Lies, hatred, division. It’s an endless cycle with Lance Gooden. Why does he keep getting elected? Oh yeah, gerrymandering.

Let’s not forget that both Babin and Gooden committed sedition and tried to overturn the election.

Ronny Jackson.

Ronny Jackson is also a well-know habitual liar. He has spend a good amount of time during the storm, making TV appearances to talk about Biden and China and how the power outages were caused by renewable energy.

These people don’t care about Texas, Texans, or anything that has to do with our state. They are simply characters, playing their part for Trump’s base and the large wads of cash political donors stuff into their pockets.

Texas is tired of tone-deaf Republicans.

Texas is turning blue. We inch closer and closer with each election. As long as Republicans continue to act as if they have no conscience and act in ways that hurt Texans, more people will become fed up, more people will vote Blue. Texas cannot continue on like this with these people.

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