Texas Loves Joaquin Castro

Texas Loves Joaquin Castro

As the second day of the impeachment trial got underway, Texas native, Joaquin Castro made arguments for the House, reminding us all why we love him.

Yesterday, near the beginning of the Impeachment Trial, we watched Representative Joaquin Castro approach the podium, calmly remove his mask, neatly tuck it in his jacket pocket, and then look up and said, “Good afternoon, y’all.”

At that moment, my heart swooned.

It’s rare to see a Texas Democrat on the national stage. Nothing against our other Democratic Congresspeople. Fletcher, Green, Allred, they’re all great and we love them, too. However, the Texans in Congress and the U.S. Senate are often overshadowed by Republican extremists, loud-mouths, and morons.

Joaquin Castro is a much better representative of Texas than Ted Cruz or Louie Gohmert. Joaquin Castro reminds me more of the Texans I have known my entire life.

But there are so many more reasons we love Joaquin Castro other than his compelling argument during the impeachment trial.

Before Joaquin Castro was a Congressman for Texas’ 20th District, he was a State Representative for the 125th District. From the moment he became an elected official he has fought for both human and immigration rights on the Texas border.

Even back in 2003, he was standing up to our then governor, Rick Perry, as Perry used rhetoric to divide Texans.

Both Castro brothers are Harvard educated lawyers from San Antonio, who entered into Texas politics almost 20 years ago. It’s easy to tell them apart because Joaquin is the older one.

Actually, Joaquin and Julian Castro are identical. That’s why Joaquin has grown out a beard so that people will be able to tell them apart.

Don’t get the Castro brothers mixed up, they’ll surely tease you if you do. (Of course, there was that one time Joaquin stood in place of Julian in a parade.)

That wasn’t the first time that Joaquin Castro made us giggle.

During his first year in the State House, he was named the most eligible bachelor in the February 2003 edition of Latina magazine. (That wasn’t the funny part.)

The House then passed a resolution congratulating him for that honor. They probably had a lot of laughs over that.

Don’t get your hopes up though, ladies. That was back in 2003, today he is happily married with two beautiful children. Family is important to him, that’s why he has always fought for Texas families.

The proof is in his legislative record. In 2007 and 2009, he co-sponsored expanding CHIPS for Texas children.

Joaquin Castro has also proven himself to be fiscally responsible. When he was serving in the Texas House, he voted against increasing taxes on the poor and reducing taxes on the rich.

His voting record shows, in both of his elected positions, he has consistently voted to protect the rights of women, the rights of voters, and public education.

There’s more.

Joaquin Castro supports Puerto Rico Statehood. As he entered political life, fighting for the human rights of immigrants and refugees, it has remained an issue he has stood strong in.

As someone who has been on the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Advisory Board for years, Representative Castro has long fought for equal rights.

It isn’t just the fact that he’s stood up for the rights of all of us, but he’s also stood against Republican corruption and the crony capitalists who have taken over our state.

Representative Castro spoke against Abbott‘s pay to play politics years ago, (Abbott is still doing the same today). He recognized that in 2016 some of Trump’s supporters were racist. In one of my favorite moves, he publicly called Laura Ingraham a white supremacist. In case you were unaware, Laura Ingraham IS a white supremacist and we don’t like her. What this shows is that he can’t be bullied or pushed around.

Texas loves Joaquin Castro.

That’s why Living Blue in Texas would love to see him run for governor in 2022.

Hear me out.

Everyone knows that Greg Abbott has to go. Even the right doesn’t like Abbott, anymore. Republicans may even attempt to primary him. On the Democrat side, we need a strong candidate with a clean record, who cares about the needs of all Texans and will stand for what’s right.

I’ve had this discussion with other liberals recently and there seems to be a consensus in Texas that Beto may be our best option to get out from the authoritarian rule of Texas Republicans. Living Blue in Texas loves Beto, we know what a great impact he’s had on this state.

However, whenever the topic of Joaquin Castro n a gubernatorial run comes, another consensus is how much Texans LOVE that idea. Unfortunately, the excitement in their voice over much they Love that idea is typically followed with a deflated, “but he said they won’t do it.”

Did he say that?

I’ve challenged people who have told me that, multiple times. Show me a link or a video. No one ever does. One person told me it was in Spanish. I told them, “that’s ok. I may not be fluent, but I’m from East Dallas. I can understand a lot of Spanish. Give me a link.” No link was ever provided.

Representative Castro mulled around challenging Ted Cruz in 2018. Ultimately, he decided against it to open it up to Beto.

The State Party mentioned Joaquin Castro might have run against Abbott in 2018, but Castro adamantly denied it. Then, in 2020 he was eyeing a run against Cornyn. That time it didn’t happen, either. An unproven rumor I heard was the reason he didn’t run against Cornyn in 2020 was that the National Party talked him out of it.

It is a fact that America needs elected officials like Joaquin Castro, with integrity, honesty, and good character. However, right now, Texas needs him more.

Texas LOVES Joaquin Castro!

Send him an email, let him know that Texas loves him, we’re proud of him, and we stand behind him if he runs for governor. joaquin.castro@mail.house.gov


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