Special Election Called For TX-6 On May 1 – Here Are The Dems Running

Special Election Called For TX-6 On May 1 – Here Are The Dems Running

Texas’ Sixth Congressional District’s special election will be competitive. If Democrats show up to the polls, this seat can be an easy flip.

Governor Greg Abbott called for a special election in Texas’ 6th Congressional District to fill the empty seat left by Ron Wright. Early voting will begin on Monday, April 19, 2021, and continue through April 27. Three Democrats have declared so far, the deadline to file the paperwork, to get placed on the ballot is March 3. (If any other Democrats declare they are running by then, this article will be updated.)

Don’t forget to accept going to Living Blue in Texas’ voting event, where we’ll be posting updates and reminders to early vote, mail-in vote, and registration deadlines. We also will be reaching out to all of the Democratic candidates to join us in a Q&A session, which we’ll post on our blog and our Facebook page.

The Democrats running.

These are in no particular order.

Lydia Bean.

Lydia Bean is a small business owner, who lives in Arlington, and in 2014, she founded Faith in Texas, a multiracial movement organizing faith communities for social change. 

From her website: “Lydia believes our leaders are failing us. Texans, despite living in the energy capital of the world, have watched crumbling infrastructure cripple our cities when we needed it the most. The desire to win at all costs has led politicians to undermine our elections – the foundation of our democracy. And somehow, the simple act of wearing a mask to protect our neighbors has become a partisan dividing line.  Lydia has faith that America’s best days are ahead of us, as long as we send leaders to Washington who will stand up for what’s right and will work with anyone to give every Texan a fair shot. “

Here is Lydia Bean’s website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Shawn Lassiter.

Shawn Lassiter is a non-profit leader, a lifelong educator, a single mom, and a former science teacher from Fort Worth. Shawn Lassiter has dedicated her life to advocating for policies that ensure children and working families have the opportunity they need to learn, live, and thrive in strong communities.

Here is an ad she just released:

Here is Shawn Lassiter’s website, Facebook, and Twitter.

Jana Lynne Sanchez.

Jana Lynne Sanchez is a second-generation Mexican America, a political organizer, journalist, and communications advisor from Ellis County. She previously ran for District 6 as the Democratic candidate in 2018. Jana Lynne Sanchez received almost 46% of the vote in that race against Ron Wright.

From her website: “I ran for Congress in 2018 because I knew as a country we could do better. I’m running today because we have one shot to get things back on track. The urgency of this moment calls for leadership focused on building an equitable, resilient, healthy, and prosperous future for all North Texans. Let’s do it together.”

Here is Jana Lynne Sanchez’s website, Facebook, and Twitter.

Texas’ 6th Congressional District is competitive, Trump BARELY won it in 2020.

Democrats are likely to flip this seat if we get out the vote. Don’t forget to accept going to Living Blue in Texas’ voting event.

There are already four Republicans who have declared they are running. In Texas, during a special election, all of the candidates will be on the ballot. They have to get 50% of the vote plus 1 vote to win. If no one gets the 50% +1, then it goes to a runoff vote. With seven candidates running (so far), it will likely go to a runoff. A runoff would consist of the two candidates who got the most votes in the special election.

Let’s turn Texas blue.

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