Rusk City Councilman And Candidate For Governor Claims To Be Proud Nationalist

Rusk City Councilman And Candidate For Governor Claims To Be Proud Nationalist

Oh, it’s worse.

You may or may not have seen Rusk City Councilman and Candidate For Texas Governor, Martin Holsome made national news this weekend. The day after the violent insurrection in DC, he posted this to his social media:

Many of the articles that covered him, made sure to also include this picture of him flashing the “white power” sign.

If that wasn’t bad enough, we took a look at his background and it’s worse than that. Way worse.

As you can imagine people were angered by his use of white supremacist imagery and took to his social media feeds. You can find those here:

Multiple people accuse him of being a white supremacist.

Which was what one person was doing, when Holsome responded:

“You spelled “NATIONALIST” wrong. “

The banter continued then Holsome responded again, “Proud Nationalist!!!”

Multiple people on Holesome’s social media, including Holsome himself, have pointed out on his social media accounts that he is Biracial and not white.

There are still many who don’t understand how a person of color can support and participate in a white supremacist agenda.

However, one of the people responding to him on Twitter said this, “Easy, He doesn’t claim his black roots. He is only pulling the brown card to downplay his BS. Trust me. We are from the same town. We know him!”

Unfortunately, it still gets worse.

Back in July, he went on the Texas Scorecard’s podcast. During that podcast, the discussion of the contract Abbott obtained with MTX Group came up. He was upset about the contract. Not because the company also did election canvasing. Not because of the high price of the contract. But because the CEO of the company was Muslim. He even said, “those people we’ve been fighting those wars with.”

When the MTX Group contract first happened, we looked into them extensively. The CEO of this company is an American, from New York. In my research I never uncovered any social media posts or articles related to what religion he practiced.

Here’s the clip:

Whether you want to call this rhetoric white supremacy, racism, religious bigotry, or sheer ignorance, that’s up to you.

It gets worse.

Over the last year, Living Blue in Texas has covered multiple racially charged terroristic incidents, which happened all over Texas.

This included the incident in early summer in San Antonio when Boogaloo Bois showed up armed and in tactical gear to harass, intimidate, and assault unarmed peaceful Black Lives Matter protesters. Local activists spoke of a rumor at the time, where white supremacist vigilantes shared with their friends that the Chief gave them “permission” to “shoot protestors who cross the police line” at will.

Apparently, Rusk City Councilman, Martin Holsome drove all the way from East Texas to San Antonio and was one of the aggressors who participated in those Klanish tactics, that day. He has even gone to “Woke Patriots,” a far-right extremist social media platform to brag about his presence there.

You have to read the entire post. It’s disturbing.

Yes, it gets worse.

Here he is back in June in Odessa, “protecting a bar from getting shut down” due to Covid restrictions.

I know y’all remember these idiots, because the entire internet was making fun of them that day.

When our friends in Weatherford made national news because of the domestic terrorist incident that happened there on July 25th, Holsome was somehow quoted in that article calling the far-right terrorist movement in Texas “Not a political movement, but a people’s movement.”

All over his social media, he has ties with far-right extremists.

Rusk City Councilman, Martin Holsome is so extreme that even nut job Allen West condemned his online posts.

There’s more.

Before Holsome took up arms to travel around the state harassing and intimidating Black people asking for equal rights, he was in his own town, fighting to make it a sanctuary of the unborn.

Holsome also uploaded some very cringey and uncomfortable pictures with his daughter online.

Shockingly, there’s still more.

Over the last year, Rusk City Councilman, Martin Holsome has been pictured or videoed with the who’s who of far-right Texas wackjobs. From Allen West, to leaders in the open carry and militia movements, to anti-abortion extremists, and even Confused Brenda.

Texas has a real problem with the far-right extremists who have been terrorizing our state and country for years now.

Just yesterday, his Facebook page posted a picture of him with a 3%er’s 1776 flag, and a big-ass gun. The caption said, “Revolutionaries don’t ask for permission.”

It likely wasn’t him, though, because apparently he’s been banned from Facebook.

One of the most disturbing twists to this story is that he and his wife, Rachel Holsome own a daycare.

It’s in Rusk.

It’s incredibly alarming that he or anyone around him would be let within 100 feet of children, considering how incredibly unhinged and dangerous this man has presented himself to be.

I wonder if the parents at this daycare know that the owners of the place their 2-year-old is at during the day has been openly and proudly participating in domestic terrorist incidents all around the state and just weeks after the groups Holsome associates with tried to overthrow the U.S. government, he labels himself “a revolutionary.”

Martin Holsome is still a sitting city councilman.

The far-right extremists are a huge problem in America and over the last year, they have been a gigantic problem in Texas. We all know this. What are we going to do, to make Texas safer from these people, is a question that we don’t yet have the answer for?


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