Delia Parker-Mims Announces Run for Lewisville Mayor

Delia Parker-Mims Announces Run for Lewisville Mayor

LEWISVILLE, TEXAS — Delia Parker-Mims is announcing her candidacy for Lewisville mayor. 

Parker-Mims wants to lead Lewisville with a vision of “Forward Together.” Delia’s leadership goal is to provide hope, protection and a voice for all community members.

“The city does a good job of embracing different cultures within Lewisville. But as we work toward implementing the 2025 Vision Plan, the risk becomes not how we grow but who we leave behind,” says Parker-Mims. “The pandemic has made it ever more important to ensure vulnerable populations are not left behind.” 

As mayor, Delia will adopt a more hands-on community approach. An important role of the mayor is being the ambassador of the city. Now more than ever that role should be to inspire hope to every resident within every socioeconomic group.

“I want to foster an environment of hope. My childhood resembled that of many Lewisville families and I want to encourage our children to see beyond their present circumstances,” Delia says. 

“We also want to ensure the elderly and economically disenfranchised families are not left behind, especially as it relates to receiving the life-saving COVID-19 vaccination,” Parker-Mims states.

She believes Lewisville needs pop-up vaccination sites for those lacking internet service necessary for vaccine registration or transportation to travel to vaccination sites. “I have visited with seniors who do not understand how to get to the county vaccination website. The pandemic is a community crisis and cannot be resolved for our whole community if we leave out segments of the population who need the vaccine,” Delia says. 

Among her other concerns, Delia believes that Castle Hills’ entry into Lewisville is a welcome addition. However, she believes steps should be taken to ensure its annexation doesn’t change the character of Lewisville. 

“Lewisville is an economically diverse city and our priorities and leadership focus must continue to be diverse. Historically, the infusion of blocks such as these upsets the balance of power,” Parker-Mims states. “It is worth considering whether our city’s charter should be changed to include a mixture of single-member and at-large seats to provide equitable representation for all.” 

A longtime Lewisville resident and family lawyer dedicated to helping seniors and juveniles, Delia cares. She believes in serving in meeting the community where they are and addressing their needs. She serves seniors meals, volunteers at food banks and works with children through the school district. 

Delia has volunteered on the State Bar of Texas’ Crime Victims Committee, Denton County Friends of the Family, Denton County Bar Association’s Pro Bono Committee and is a past President of Denton County Child Protective Services. She is a Class of 2000 graduate of Lewisville Leadership and a member of the Lewisville Chamber of Commerce.

Delia is married to Darwin; they will celebrate 23 years of marriage this June. They have two children — Camille, 20, a sophomore at TWU, and Morris, 17, a senior at LHS. The family attends Westside Baptist Church.


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