Dominique Beachum Will Be Running For Denton City Council In 2024

Dominique Beachum Will Be Running For Denton City Council In 2024

His path hasn’t changed, he’s just added an extra step.

In August 2020 I interviewed a young man named Dominique Beachum. He is only 19 years old, but he has a more clear path of his direction in life than most his age. When we spoke last August, he told me of his plans to run for Congress in 2026, then a goal of running for governor, and eventually a path towards running for president in 2040.

The reason why he was planning a congressional run so far in the future, is because you have to be 25 to run for congress. After the interview, I told Beachum to keep in touch, we’re interested in keeping up with him as his career develops and evolves.

He will be running for Denton City Council, Place 6 in 2024.

Recently, Beachum was appointed to the Council Airport Committee in Denton. He was just sworn in last week.

Denton City Councilwoman, Deb Armintor has taken Beachum under her wing. And with her encouragement, he has decided to run for City Council, Place 6, which is an at large district in 2024.

Denton has term limits. Each term lasts for two years. The current Place 6 councilman is Paul Metzler, his term will expire in 2024. However, that isn’t why Beachum is waiting until then. He graduates college in 2023 when he’ll have a bachelor’s degree in Peace Studies.

Dominique Beachum considers himself bipartisan.

He even describes himself as “a leader with one of the most bipartisan mindsets of his generation.” He told me in Denton, infrastructure was something that needed attention. And he realizes that for every fire, there’s also water. “In order to get things done,” he said, “you have to understand the back and forth of negotiations that exist within the American political system.”

From Beachum’s Facebook page:

“I AM A POLITICIAN. Not because of compromising my attitude, not because of compromising my apparel, not because of compromising my beliefs. But rather, because of my attitude, because of my apparel, and because of my beliefs. I will not shy from who I am, how I am, or why I am…and it’s because I’m not shying that I am where I am. I grew up liking earrings, chains, and rap music. I was told I’d benefit from hiding those interests…I believe it’s because of staying true to them that my genuine individualism can be seen so clearly. So, I will carry on.”

We have a lot of high hopes for Dominique Beachum.

Dominique Beachum is going places, we have no doubt about it. When the 2024 election season rolls in, we’ll be there rooting for him. Make sure to follow him on Facebook to see regular updates about his journey.


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