SD8 Senator Angela Paxton Complicit In Insurrection, Now Calls For Unity

SD8 Senator Angela Paxton Complicit In Insurrection, Now Calls For Unity

To that, we say, “Screw your fake calls for unity. If you really want unity, you should resign.”

As almost everyone knows by now, Angela Paxton along with her criminal husband, Ken, attended the January 6th insurrection attempt in Washington DC. Her husband to this day is still the ONLY Attorney General in America who hasn’t condemned the violent attempt to overthrow the government.

Here she was on the 6th:

Here she is this week:

Unity? She’s got to be kidding. Where was the talk of unity when her husband was siding with Satan to go to the Supreme Court and disenfranchise millions of Americans? You know come to think of it…

Angela Paxton still hasn’t apologized for her role in the violence on January 6th.

On January 6th, she said on Twitter, “Peaceful protest is part of every American citizen’s birthright. Violence is not.” That’s it. Not only was that bullshit, but she hasn’t uttered another word about the violent insurrection since.

Her words on “peaceful protest,” were fake outrage. EVERYONE knew that the domestic terrorists on January 6th in DC had planned on storming the capital for weeks. I knew it. You knew it. And the Paxtons knew it, too. The domestic terrorists posted their plans on Facebook, Twitter, Parler, and YouTube. In the week leading up to the insurrection, WE ALL saw maps of the capitol building being shared around on Twitter and Conservatives giving tips about smuggling guns into DC. Both Angela and Ken Paxton knew that violence was the plan and went there to encourage and support it.

Now she calls for unity?

All of Texas knows that Ken Paxton is a traitor to democracy, to Texas, and to the human race. He has a long career of hurting other people and working on his own self-interests. Is Angela Paxton a bird of a feather?

Angela Paxton still has not apologized. She still hasn’t denounced Q or Trumpism. She still hasn’t acknowledged Joe Biden as the president.

Unity started with not actively plotting sedition and violating her constitutional oath. Paxton couldn’t even do that.

Unity starts when Ken Paxton resigns not only for ALL of the criminal cases he’s been indicted and investigated for but also for his seditious attempts to overturn the election.

And unity starts when Angela Paxton resigns for her role in the domestic terrorism incident that took place in Washington DC.

We will never forget.

In case Angela Paxton isn’t on your regular call rotation, you can reach her at (512) 463-0108 or (972) 908-3424. Feel free to give her a shout and let her know what you think about her garbage cry for unity after being involved in sedition.


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