One Week In txlege, Bryan Slaton And Brooks Landgraf Get Into Cat Fight

One Week In txlege, Bryan Slaton And Brooks Landgraf Get Into Cat Fight

Newly elected Representative, Bryan Slaton is determined not to win friends or influence people during the 87th txlege.

If you missed the highlights of opening week of txlege, you should know that Bryan Slaton quickly overtook Drew Springer in the Anti Awards© scoreboard and is now the proud recipient of four Anti Awards©. Five, after his catfight with Landgraf.

You have to see this one for yourself.

Representative Bryan Slaton posted a video of himself crying on Facebook and titled it, “Why would Rep. Brooks Landgraf, lie about me?”

Yep. It’s as good as it sounds.

Last week, during the rules debate, Slaton introduced two amendments, which were both fueled by hatred of Democrats and want for the partisan division.

The first amendment was that no Democrats could be chair of any key committee. Despite there being 5.2 million Democratic voters in Texas, Slaton was ready to say “fuck all y’all.”

The second amendment was for the legislators not to name or rename any bridges or roads until abortion is completely abolished.

Both amendments failed.

Briscoe Cain gave a nauseating speech about how Conservative he was, drooled all over Donald Trump, and said he wouldn’t be voting for the amendment because it was completely dickish (I’m paraphrasing).

What’s Slaton’s problem?

He said that he campaigned on his frustration with Republicans who get elected and then give their powers away to Democrats. Even after everything that Texans and Americans have witnessed and gone through the last several years, even after January 6th, Bryan Slaton would still like to treat half of the country like they are his enemy.

Slaton repeated multiple times how he just doesn’t understand how bipartisanship works, (again, paraphrasing).

Then, he read what Brooks Landgraf posted on Facebook.

Landgraf called it a trap, set by outsiders.

Who are the outsiders? Since Slaton is besties with Allen West and Allen West is hated by most of the elected Republicans, that’s probably who Landgraf was referring to.

Here are the “supposed lies” according to Slaton:

  • It wasn’t a last-minute amendment. Slaton submitted it by email on December 11.
  • Landgraf called Slaton a Dallas-area politician. Slaton was very stern when he said, “I am a rural East Texas politician.”

Bryan Slaton is the Representative of House District 2, which encompasses Hopkins, Hunt, and Van Zandt counties.

Technically, he’s not a Dallas politician, if you were judging by those counties. But, Slaton lives in Royse City, and Royse City is split between Hunt, Collin, and Rockwall counties.


If Slaton lived in the part of Royse City that was in Rockwall or Collin County, he would definitely be a Dallas-area politician, considering both Collin County and Rockwall County are part of the metroplex.

What’s wrong with Dallas, anyway?

Then, Slaton goes on to say, “We’re watching D.C. right now and we’re seeing Republicans not standing up for Trump.”

WHAT??!! What planet does he live on? Well over 100 Republicans just threw away their entire career for Trump. Nearly two dozen Texas Republicans might not even make it to their next term, because they “stood up for Trump.”

2020 was Slaton’s third time running. He didn’t win the first two times. Let’s see how he’ll do when there isn’t a populous candidate running for president.

If the Democrats don’t like him and the Republicans don’t like him, he probably won’t get anything done this term.

He ended the video demanding an apology.

Slaton said, “he needs to apologize to the people he’s lied to and he needs to apologize to me.”

How dare he call Slaton a Dallas-area politician. He lives approximately 10 minutes away from Dallas in the rural area of Royse City. (Although, I have a cousin who used to live in Royse City and it’s more like a suburb.)

There isn’t enough popcorn in the world if this is how the 87th txlege will be like this session. We’re ready, anyway.


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