TX-36 Brian Babin Uses Social Media To Spread Lies And Hate

TX-36 Brian Babin Uses Social Media To Spread Lies And Hate

What is unclear is, if he is unintentionally spreading misinformation or he is lying out of hatred for Democrats.

Brian Babin is a seditious traitor to Democracy. He has spent years in Congress working against the best interest of the people. What’s more frustrating is that Babin ran for office many times and didn’t win. Not until the extreme gerrymandering that happened in 2013. Ever since January 6th, his Twitter feed and Facebook posts have been a constant stream of lies and misinformation.

Like this one. He said, “D’s are now saying it’s safe to reopen biz/schools is purely political.” HERE is the article he linked. This article said NOTHING about Democrats, but instead cited a CDC official named Margaret “Peggy” Honein. I don’t know what Honein’s political affiliation is, but she’s worked at the CDC for almost 25 years.

The New York Times article he linked had no relation to the caption he wrote above it. It’s almost like, he didn’t read the article and just threw a bunch of nonsense to go along with it.

Babin often shares links from fake-news and far-right extremist sites.

Like this post, he shared on January 25 from Breitbart. Most of the time if it sounds like bullshit, it usually is. Babin expressed his rage, “The Left is putting YOUR safety last on their priority list AGAIN.”

Do you want to know why your neighbor wants to physically hurt you for your political beliefs? It’s irresponsible politicians like Brian Babin.

Biden put a PAUSE on ICE deportations, then someone internally sent an email to a leaker. The email said, “Pause deportations.” Then the email also included, “Release them all, immediately.”

I searched the internet for any other reference of this, besides Breitbart.

The only other source I could find was a clip of Tucker Carlson. Even Carlson pointed out that Biden only said to pause deportations. Neither Breitbart nor Fox provided a picture or screenshot of the redacted email. Nor, has any other news source covered this story. It’s possible that either Breitbart or Carlson completely made it up, and then reported on the other’s story.

Babin paints EVERYTHING as the fault of the left, even when politics are not involved.

Like this tweet where he talks about how Biden and the left have yet to condemn violence from anarchists/Antifa. Except for the article that he linked was about a group of teenagers who beat up a man in NYC.

For what it’s worth, Joe Biden has condemned protest-related violence from the left and the right.

He is obsessed with the non-existent violence from the left.

Or is he assuming that because the assaulters, in this case, were non-white, they must be the left or Antifa? That sounds like racism.

You mean just like this racist bullshit he tweeted on January 23?

The 1776 Report was racist. It was like the Lost Cause 2.0. Biden did a great thing for this country by scrapping it on day one.

His social media feed is really one stupid lie after another. Like this tweet, where he insinuates that Biden is planning on sending tax dollars to Planned Parenthood for abortion.

Babin knows that because of the Hyde amendment, no federal tax dollars go to abortion. Everyone knows that. Don’t they?

Brian Babin’s Twitter feed is full of misinformation.

It’s time that Congress passed some type of responsibility rule or honesty rule, which prohibits congress members from going online or on TV and spreading lies and baseless conspiracy theories.

HERE is his Twitter account, it’s amazing that Babin hasn’t been labeled part of the Q-Caucus yet. And his Facebook page is more of the same.

I wonder if everyone on social media has been doing their part in reporting all of his posts for fake news? 😉

Brian Babin has run his course, he’s done more than enough. It’s time for him to resign.

TX-36 Brian Babin

If he doesn’t resign, he should be expelled.

Don’t worry about his career. He can always go back to being a dentist.

And if he doesn’t want to that, Texas could always use another 72-year-old hillbilly music superstar.



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