Six Texas Republicans Are STILL Spreading Baseless Conspiracy Theories

Six Texas Republicans Are STILL Spreading Baseless Conspiracy Theories

After the terrorist attack in D.C., after their attempts at sedition, and after mass calls for them to resign; these six Texas Republicans are STILL spreading baseless conspiracy theories.

These six Republicans were all part of the attempts to overthrow the election on January 6th, even after their base had a violent insurrection. There were 17 Texas Republicans who tried to overthrow democracy, however, the others have been mostly silent since last Wednesday. The reason for this violent attempt to overthrow the government was that millions of Americans have become deeply embedded in an echo chamber of conspiracy theories. They are fed a constant diet from Fox, OAN, Newsmax, Breitbart, and InfoWars and every single one of those media outlets lie, make things up, or stretch the truth. Older generations, like baby boomers, weren’t taught how to do research on the internet and grew up in the time of the fairness doctrine.

Elected officials, who are in the government know the truths to the lies they spread, and they spread them anyway.

There are no secret chambers in the capitol building where congresspeople and Hollywood celebrities are drinking baby’s blood.

Joe Biden is a communist. Or a socialist. Or a Marxist. Joe Biden is an old school centrist Democrat who loves capitalism.

Nancy Pelosi isn’t secretly a spy for China.

And the election wasn’t stolen. There has been zero evidence that would even suggest mass voter fraud.

Those are all facts. None of that is what Trump’s base believes. Elected officials would know about blood-drinking by their colleagues, they would know if Biden was a communist, they would know if Pelosi worked for China, and they would know if the election was stolen.

Yet, leading up to the violent insurrection, Republicans spread these baseless conspiracy theories, feeding Trump’s base.

That’s why the attack on D.C. happened.

Elected officials who have spread baseless conspiracy theories are complicit in the violence last week.

One would think, that after knowingly spreading lies and baseless conspiracy theories that led to a terrorist attack, that these Republicans would be more responsible. Yet, they continue to fan the flames.

Lance Gooden.

TX-5 Lance Gooden has been especially unhinged. Possibly more than usual.

Considering that 93% of the protests last year were peaceful and the few which did break out into riots were due to police violence or infiltrating white supremacists, Gooden is still spreading the “BLM is violent” lie. This lie has caused more violence over the last year than anything else. Ring-wing extremism terror attacks have been on a sharp rise. As an elected official we expect Lance Gooden to know this.

January 7: “WELCOME, DEMOCRATS to day 2 of finally condemning violent looting and lawlessness.” Again, planning the lie that the protests last year weren’t peaceful. It’s all about pushing hate. That’s why the right has been violent, they’re driven by hate. Almost every one of his tweets is about some lie he’s angry about and blaming Democrats.

Democrat charade, Democrats are setting a dangerous precedent by impeaching, and Democrats divide. Republicans caused a violent insurrection with this very rhetoric and behavior. Because of this same rhetoric, a man who was arrested was planning on shooting Nancy Pelosi in the head on live TV.

This is why these Republicans are complicit.

Ted Cruz.

It’s odd because Ted Cruz hasn’t tweeted in about 39 hours. The reason it’s odd is that he usually tweets about himself no less than ten times a day. Perhaps he is doing some self-reflecting or trying to craft the perfect resignation, but this is out of character for him.

Leading up to January 6, Ted Cruz was non-stop tweeting about “big tech” and censorship. We wrote about his denouncement of capitalism back in October. He was the first legislative official that began pushing this lie when Twitter initially limited the distribution (shadowbanned) of the unsourced and proven false New York Post’s article about Hunter Biden.

The question has been raised and should be raised again. What is the purpose? Ted Cruz and other Republicans want social media companies to stop shadow banning or labeling lies about our country and our government.

Why would the GOP want lies about our country and our government spread on a wider scale?

Now, Republicans from Greg Abbott to your neighbor, Sue, have their hair on fire about how “Big Tech” is censoring Republicans and they’re losing their first amendment rights. Of course, you heard that from both of them on Twitter.

The First Amendment of the United States of America says, (verbatim):

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof, or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press, or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

Not only is Ted Cruz a congressman, but he’s also a lawyer. And not like a car accident lawyer, he got a Juris Doctor degree from Harvard Law School. He should know what the first amendment says.

Congress shall make no law respecting or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press.

Twitter isn’t the government. They are a private entity. When a user enters into an agreement with (terms of service), they enter into a contract. If you don’t agree to the terms of service, you don’t have to use their service. If you break the contract terms of promoting violence, spreading fake news, or coordinating a terror attack on their platform; they are well within their legal rights to deny you service (ban you). Ted Cruz knows this.

Conservatives are not being censored from social media, some have been removed for breaking the terms of service. However, if you go to any social media platform at this time, you will find a zillion Conservatives on there right now, still licking Trump’s boots, and spreading lies about the election.

After January 6, the responsible thing that Ted Cruz should have done was to stop spreading baseless conspiracy theories. However after the 6th until 39 hours ago when he went quiet, he tweeted baseless conspiracy theories and argued with AOC.

Brian Babin.

Like Lance Gooden, Brian Babin has completely lost his marbles.

Brian Babin put out a statement on the 7th which was the most condescending statement probably ever issued by a congressperson. Some of the phrases he used:

  • If SCOTUS had acted properly and heard the Texas lawsuit
  • Those who have condoned and even championed the violent events that have taken place over the last nine months
  • My Democrat colleagues offered objections
  • The left can’t call for unity
  • Protect this country from Democrat’s socialist agenda

SCOTUS didn’t hear Texas because Texas didn’t have any standing. Brian Babin knows that.

He is another Republican spreading the “Antifa/BLM violence lie.”

Comparing what Republicans objecting to certifying the election in 2021 to the past when Democrats did is apples to oranges.

  • 2001 – Democrats objected to Florida going to Bush because Al Gore won Florida. Ultimately, the conservative SCOTUS voted on it to go to Bush, making him the president. (Clarence Thomas’ wife worked for the Bush campaign if you remember.)
  • 2005 – Democrats objected to Ohio because of voting irregularities. A voting machine in Ohio erroneously added thousands of votes to Bush in Ohio. They had congressional hearings about it, which you can see here and make your own mind up about.
  • 2017 – Two Democrats wanted to challenge the election results, however, they couldn’t get anyone else on board. Nothing ever happened around that.

In 2021, 2/3rds of the Republicans in the house and six senators objected to certifying the election. They spoke of voter fraud and voter integrity, yet they had no proof or evidence of mass voter fraud. In fact, by January 6, every single conspiracy theory had been debunked by countless sources. Republicans didn’t object to one state, they objected to five.

Brian Babin knew all of this. Despite the violence caused by the GOP’s rhetoric, even after the 6th, Brian Babin continues to spread baseless conspiracy theories and hatred spewed at Democrats.

This is the Red Scare 3.0. These Republicans are taking complete advantage of the debunked conspiracy theories that communist are taking over America.

Ronny Jackson.


It’s easy to make fun of these yokels who think that all Democrats are communists and socialists, but people need to realize that we are in a new era of full-blown McCarthyism.

Even after the election, after Joe Biden was announced the winner, after all of the conspiracy theories had been debunked, and after 50 lawsuits being thrown out for lack of evidence; Ronny Jackson was posting on his Twitter daily to “Stop Joe Biden’s Socialist Steal of America,” each showing Joe Biden’s picture over a communist flag.

From the L.A. Times: “Republicans should stop frightening voters with horror stories about creeping socialism. Instead, they and the rest of us should reflect more seriously on what it means to live in a society where inequality and unfairness are so deeply entrenched, and on how long voters will continue to opt for the status quo.”

August Pfluger.

August Pfluger spent his election and since focused on killing regulation for oil companies and fighting against communists.

Pfluger’s main agenda is killing the earth for oil profits. Yet, he is still tweeting baseless conspiracy theories about how big tech is censoring Trump, but they aren’t censoring someone who supports communism. However, Twitter did remove tweets by Ayatollah Khamenei. The tweets they removed were about Covid misinformation, something Trump did on Twitter hundreds of times before he was banned.

Trump was banned on Twitter due to encouraging violence… Twitter.

Republicans refuse to acknowledge that Trump must be helped accountable for attempting a violent coup. Do they really think this is one we are supposed to just sweep under the rug?

Beth Van Duyne.

Aside from also inferring that Trump should have no consequences for inciting a violent insurrection on our country, where five people died; she is also peddling baseless conspiracy theories.

She is telling her social media followers, “Twitter purges conservatives,” twisting the fact that those who were removed from Twitter broke the terms of service and incited violence. Sure, they happened to be conservatives, but that doesn’t equate to a conservative purge. Millions of other conservatives still have their Twitter accounts intact.

“Where was Big Tech over the summer when liberal voices were inciting violence,” she asked. Rhetoric like Beth Van Duyne’s is the reason why peaceful protesters in Gainesville and Weatherford were met by armed white militia who were convinced their Black neighbors were going to burn their city down. It’s irresponsible and as we saw on January 6, has led to countless incidents of right-wing violence in America over this last year.

She finished it off by saying big tech was trying to control what we think and how we communicate. This goes back to the first question:

Why would the GOP want lies about our country and our government spread on a wider scale?

Senator Ted Cruz

TX-5 Lance Gooden

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TX-13 Ronny Jackson

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